Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Early Shopping Special

Hi Everyone... 

Are you ready for the Holiday?  Looking for bargains? (for yourself or others).  Sale dates are Wednesday November 21st through Tuesday November 27th.

Here's some great specials through me:
Some are limited to quantities on hand... so be sure to read carefully:

Older WOTG Special price $25... that's almost $10 off!  Woot Woot...(limited to on hand quantities) (includes stamp set, directions, paper pack, and accessory)
These have a retail value of $29.95 ($2.38+$2.10) $34.43 with shipping and taxes.

Here's what's available:
(2) Mayberry
Pear and Partridge
*Key to my Heart (includes an "E" sized stamp set and special paper pack)

Level One kits Just $5 each (originally 9.95) (limited to on hand quantities)
(includes 4 preprinted layouts, 2 B&T, 2 c/s, and stickease)
Floral tapestry
(2) Fairy Tale
Perfect Day
Summer Harvest
Magic Moments
(2) Best Friends Forever
(2) Sasparilla
Lazy Days
Sweet Home

Older Level 2 paper packs Just $8 Originally $12.95 (1.03+.91) $14.88
(Includes 12 sheets (two sets of 6) of B&T and 10 sheets (two sets of 5) of c/s)
(2) Boom-Di-Ada
Groovy Blossoms
(2)Key to my Heart
Floral Tapestry
(2) Hooligans
(2) Everlasting
Sweet Heart
(2)Perfect Day
Paper Garden
That's Amore
Giddy Up

Acrylic New and Used Stamp Sale: (***ON-HAND stamps only)
Buy 2 get one free
(please note that the least expensive one will be given as the free stamp set)
New prices are D=$12, C=$10, B=$8, A=$6
Used prices are D=$7, C=$6, B=$5, A=$4
Please reference my blog for available list.

Ordering Special: These specials are offered only through me, Diane Bowman and (if you order online, your free orders will arrive separately) 
#1 When you order $50 and the Stamp of the Month, receive a free ink pad (your choice of colors)
#2 When you order $100  and the Stamp of the month, receive a free ink pad and a free level two paper pack of your choice
#3 When you order $150 and the Stamp of the Month, receive a free ink pad, and a free wotg of your choice

Happy Holidays


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Hi Everyone,

At VCBC, we made this delightful Reindeer... and so wanted to post directions... These pieces are cut from the Art Philosophy... CTMH's cricut cartridge.  An additional piece was cut from the new CTMH Artiste Cartridge, the bow... (not pictured) 

This idea was originated by Tracey Saunders (a fellow CTMH consultant)

These are the pieces parts of the reindeer face.
Face (1) brown oval shape 9 p 57 5 in
Ears (2) brown oval shape 3 p 42 1.25 in
Hair (1) brown accent p 32 3.75 in (can do 3.5) This is cut apart.
Eyes (1) brown circle 1.25 (I used a punch)
Eyes (2) white circle 1.25
Eyes (2) black circle .75 (again I used a punch)
Nose (1) red circle 1.25
Antlers (2) off white font shift p 50 3.75 (can do 3.5)

The bow is cut using the artiste cartridge.

Try sponging all of the pieces in brown and adding red cheeks for fun.

This is a note book adorned with Rudolph... a great idea to keep your Christmas notes in.

Here's a layout featuring Rudolph... He brightens up the page:) 



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Mustache fun at VCBC!!!

What fun we had at Village Creek last week... created this layout for the occasion... 

Can't wait to get my photos developed and add them to this layout... 
Here are some of my favorites.. 

So we arrived on Tuesday and set up and most campers started arriving Thursday afternoon. I just love the atmosphere and we had two great speakers, Jane Kramer who spoke on the parable of the soil and Dina Hankins who spoke on offense... Satan's bait.  

It was a great retreat although I missed seeing some wonderful ladies who weren't able to attend this fall... Hugs to y'all.... Amy, Liz, Heather, Theresa, Suzie, Candace, Syndi, Liz, Jenny, Susan, Natalie... and a few more  

Be sure to join us in the Spring... For more information about camp check them out online... http://villagecreek.net/

Ok... I have to get back to work for now... but I love camp and my girls!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NEW A,B and C sized stamps for sale

NIP A stamp sets $6
A1100 Boo-tiful
A1056 Love Blox
A1087 Luck sold
A1111 Tulip
A1091 Please Join Us
A1037 Baby Impressions
A1016 Storytime numbers
A1117 Typeface
A1086 Angel Policy
A1059 Outdoor Adventure

B Stamp Sets $8
B1392 Key Moments
B1193 Classic Numbers
B1315 Code it sold
B1272 GR8 Plates
B1208 Birthday Script
B1278 Just for Kicks
B1180 Tag Charms
B1179 Sentiment Squares SOLD
B1152 Horse Play SOLD
B1363 Harmony SOLD
B1333 Merry Monsters
B1277 Hello Friend
B1220 Too cute
B1325 Welcome Baby
B1336 Celebrate
B1332 Good Times
B1274 Celebration Blocks
B1312 Make a Wish
B1351 You're Sweet SOLD
B1373 Beautiful Butterflies
B1314 Inspiration SOLD
B1203 Dainty
B1174 Flower Fairies
B1033 Blossom Blocks
B1299 Spring Equinox
B1264 Fluttering Love
B1394 John 3:16
B1261 Garden of Life
B1356 St Nick
B1048 Wonderful Winter
B1182 Let It Snow

NIP C Stamp sets $10
C1301 Thing of Beauty
C1389 So Sweet
C1340 Aspiration
C1336 You're Adored
C1268 Valentine Exchange sold
C1296 Color My World
C1217 Smitten
C1258 Love of My Life
C1299 Butterfly Kiss SOLD
C1447 Carefree
C1243 A Friend is...
C1240 Splish Splash
C1282 H2O
(2) C1311 Lucky Stars
C1312 United We Stand
C1353 Gear Up
(2) C1429 Party Pennants ONE SOLD
(2) C1421 The Boo Crew
C1324 Spooky Smiles SOLD
C1192 Air Mail
C1284 Wild Thing SOLD
C1278 Library Cards
C1252 Abundance Borders
C1332 Merry Wishes
C1290 Memory Labels
C1224 Fluttering frames
C1303 Placement Guide
C1469 December 25th
C1319 Laughter
(2) C1388 Rock Star
C1339 Kanji Phrases
C1403 In the Month of February (1 stp used $8)
C1293 Wonderful Season
C1372 Grateful Hearts
C1425 Month by Month SOLD
C1494 Card Word Puzzle
C1404 In the Month of March (1 stp used $8)
C1376 Stocking Style
C1468 Winter Joy
C1294 Sweet Treats
C1329 Homeward Bound
C1291 Gift of Love SOLD
C1368 Tree Tops
C1408 Live Inspired

LMK if you are interested or would like to see a photo of anything... can text pics too... so include your number if want me to text you a photo. 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

New In Package Stamps "D" sized Stamp sets

Hi Everyone... Here's a listing of some New In Package stamps that need to find good homes... Please let me know if you are interested in any of these.

NIP "D" sized stamp sets $12 each
S1208 Baroque Borders
D1245 In my Heart
D1341 Butterfly Wings
D1091 Groovy
D1145 Fresh Picked SOLD
D1345 Ms. Sweetheart sold
D1448 Picture This
D1415 Springtime Sold
D1424 Something Splendid
D1115 Princess
D1304 Life's Creation
D1402 Togetherness
D1344 Ms. Gardener SOLD
D1511 Kick Back
D1147 Grapevine SOLD
D1148 Grill it Up
D1138 Paradise
D1427 Tasty Treats
D1128 Holiday Jubilee
D1386 Save the Date
D1029 Feliz Ocasion SOLD
D1382 Holiday Hoopla
D1457 Jubilation
D1387 Made with Love
D1506 Family Love
D1153 Because of you
D1130 Random Thoughts
D1227 Legendary Moments
D1299 Thoughtful Seasons
D1027 Joy
D1141 So Sweet Seasons
D1198 Gift of Love
D1111 Card Sentiment
D1002 The Simple Things
D1268 January Word Puzzle
D1408 A Little Everything
D1313 December Word Puzzle
D1100 Classic Caps
D1272 Slumber Party
D1233 Power Play (SOLD)
D14373 Childhood Portrait
D1279 Shooting Hoops
D1334 Reminisce SOLD
D1322 Adorning Corners
D1406 True Friends
D1380 Just for the Holidays
D1196 Floral Elements
D1084 Love Tags
D1120 Brilliant Bookplates
D1350 Tender Tags
D1114 Create-a-file
D1054 Speckled Background
D1331 Dream Wishes
D1493 Fill in the Blank- Holiday
D1140 Miracle
D1238 A Birthday Wish
D1266 Baby Steps (1 stamp used $10) SOLD
S1201 Little Reminder
D1441 Royal Birth
D1365 True Happiness SOLD
D1338 Bird Basics SOLD
D1234 Take Flight
D1211 First Class
D1494 Christmas Cheer
D1315 Evergreen
D1302 Winter Memories
D1366 Holiday Trinkets SOLD
D1449 Father Christmas SOLD
D1224 Holiday Joy
D1178 Christmas Greetings
D1095 Christmas Tag
D1305 Gloria
D1446 Adornables
CC1015 Holiday Wishes $8
D1318 Uniquely you
D1167 Halloween Parade
D1314 Friendship Patch ($10 1 stamp used)
D1113 Scarecrow Party ($10 1 stamp used)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Hostess Club

What a Hoot!!! How fun is this layout... The Cricut Artiste Cartridge has so many darling images that enhance crafting... Love this Owl!  He's so cute...

Here's the Layout from Hostess Club Tonight... 

My layout
Tami's Layout
Do you have the Artiste Cartridge?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October CCC Pinwheel Class

Hi ho... This month featured Pinwheels... what fun... The Envelope for this cool star card inspired the class.

Used the Artiste Cartridge to create these pinwheels!!
The Square pinwheel
And of course the old fashioned pinwheel on a artiste card
We will be doing a two sets of five Christmas cards in a carrier for November... Monday November 12th will be the next class... be sure to reserve your spot.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Used "D" Stamp Sets

Used "D" stamps $7 plus shipping

D1206 Woodcut Alphabet
D1045 Giddy Up Alphabet
D1020 Pizzaz Caps SOLD
D1014 Sports Alphabet SOLD
D1220 Typewriter keys SOLD
D1134 Elegant Script
D1016 festive Alphabet

D1083 Believe Caps
D1102 Teacher's Praise
D1377 Around the Block
D1370 Welcome Home 
D1249 Baby Miracles
D1169 Birthday Surprise
D1140 Miracle

D1086 Birthday Bash
D1352 It's Your Day
D1010 Baby's First
D1175 Steep and Deep SOLD
D1177 No Peeking
D1226 Magical Season
D1376 Holiday Warmth
D1171 New Fallen Snow 
S1110 Holiday Magic 
D1244 Snow Friends pending
D1166 Vintage Christmas
D1317 Feathery Flakes

D1241 Winter Wonder
D1384 Snow Flurries SOLD
D1276 Vintage USA
D1297 Daydream
D1138 Paradise
D1148 Grill It Up
D1113 Scarecrow Party
D1298 Beautiful Things SOLD
D1011 In The Wild SOLD
D1372 Grown With Love 
D1285 Life's a Jungle SOLD
D1207 Vintage Post Card 
D1379 Flourished Blessings (SOLD)
D1181 Autumn Splendor SOLD
D1098 Get-A-Way
D1438 Circle of Love
D1022 Baby
D1431 Happy Holidays SOLD
D1510 4 My Friend
D1063 Sweet Talk
D1254 Soul Mates 
D1348 Priceless Love Word Puzzle
D1286 Today's Date 
D1257 Make It Count SOLD
D1299 Thoughtful Seasons
D1227 Legendary Moments

D1039 Sports
D1130 Random thoughts
D1024 Snapshot
D1453 Friendship
D1079 Cute Notes
D1307 Annotations
D1263 Blooming Flourishes SOLD
D1350 Tender Tags
S1111 Cherish the Day
D1331 Dream Wishes
D1465 Fill in the Blank
D1330 Connections
D1208 Ticket Tags

D1190 Weathered Backgrounds
D1154 Love in Bloom
D1223 Fair Blossoms
D1340 Easter Eggs
D1210 Moments
D1139 Small Pleasures
D1264 Angel Whispers
D1199 Come Unto Me 
D1085 Happy Easter
D1189 Floral Delights
D1245 In My Heart
D1160 Friendship Flowers
D1351 You've Got Flair
D1304 Life's Creations
D1261 Simple Beauty
D1119 Easter Garden
D1121 Beautiful Spring
D1087 Elegant Floral
D1115 Princess SOLD
D1090 Retro Flowers
D1354 Endless Friendship
D1260 Endless Love
D1275 Serendipity
D1410 One of a Kind
D1402 Togetherness
D1253 Friendship's Flight
D1191 Friendships Blessings SOLD
D1204 Delight in Everything
D1259 Eastertime
D1327 Card Kit/ Just Because
D1194 All My Love
D1004 Home Decor Garden

D1133 Seed Packets
D1124 To Love More
D1125 The Giving Hand

Woot Woot... bargains for you!  LMK if you have questions!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Used "C" Stamps For Sale

Used "C" sized Stamps for sale $6 shipping extra

C1428 ice crystals
C1371 Holiday Jingle SOLD
C1124 Sweet Christmas
C1295 Winter Play
C1245 Oh Christmas Tree
C1420 Snow Days SOLD
C1327 Snowflake Kisses
C1328 Festive Frills SOLD

C1285 Victorian Snowflake
C1248 Winter Reflection SOLD
C1068 Morning Glory
C1288 Playful Petals (SOLD)
C1397 Smiles SOLD
C1310 Happiness SOLD
C1299 Butterfly kiss SOLD
C1308 Be True 
C1340 Aspiration
C1322 Gratitude 

C1232 Groovy Celebration
C1349 Ambiance 
C1261 Finding Beauty
C1025 Bliss
C1052 Love is a Gift
C1028 fluttering friends
C1230 Speckled Eggs
C1247 Simple Blossoms
C1243 A Friend Is...
C1226 Floral Charms
C1259 Because I Love You
C1264 Lovely Daisy
C1166 You and Me
C1296 Color My World

C1004 Dragonfly and Friends
C1239 Vintage Father's Day SOLD
C1277 Catch of the Day SOLD
C1225 Bow-Wow SOLD

C1204 Road Trip SOLD
C1106 Autumn Scarecrow
C1074 Tiny Feet
C1359 Sweet Baby 
C1203 Totally Chic
C1141 School Fun
C1470 Gnome Garden (SOLD)
C1475 Typeset WOTG 
C1208 Let's Shop SOLD
C1198 Let's Play Ball SOLD
C1233 Hang Ten SOLD
C1240 Splish Splash
C1201 Spirit of 76
C1300 Just Like You SOLD
C1474 10 Things SOLD
C1361 Buttoned Together SOLD

C1227 Our Wedding Day SOLD
C1163 From the Heart
C1194 Love Quotes SOLD
C1135 Christmas Wishes
C1405 In the month of April
C1318 Best Wishes

C1222 Seasonal Thoughts
C1286 Goodness of Life
C1422 Unity SOLD
C1229 Accents etc
C1309 Decorative Dainties
C1272 Walk With Nature Tags
C1224 Fluttering Frames 
C1140 Book Plates

C1127 Background Blocks
C1190 Believe Lower Case SOLD
C1189 Goal SOLD
C1350 Dainty thoughts SOLD

Used B stamp sets

Used "B" for sale list $5 each plus shipping please lmk if you would like to see a photo

B1191 thoughtful scripts SOLD
B1090 Geometric thoughts
B1167 Thinking of you
B1282 Sensational Seals 
B1221 Little license
B1112 party words
B1308 Remember this 
B1144 Cheerful thoughts SOLD
B1042 Team spirit Sayings
B1143 Curly Greetings 
B1184 Special days
B1215 Life Is
B1306 Cottage Floral
B1307 Whimsical Wings
B1063 Loves me, loves me not
B1280 Best of times
B1261 Garden of life
B1349 Summer Wishes
B1297 Heartfelt
B1267 Love you
B1299 Spring Equinox
B1209 Cherish
B1197 Love is
B1170 Fairy dust
B1052 Easter Blox
B1202 Beetle Bugs
B1012 Bold Botanicals
B1204 Life is so Good
B1010 Bold Butterflies
B1200 Blissful Flight
B1041 Beat party
B1266 My Heart
B1213 Little Angel
B1207 You're Invited
B1062 Party Blox
B1162 Aloha
B1255 Friendship labels
B1216 Sunshine thoughts
B1189 1st and 10 SOLD 
B1219 Baseball
B1263 Nothing but net SOLD
B1273 purr-fect SOLD
B1379 Sophia
B1337 Hello there

B1153 Horsin' Around SOLD
B1186 Ho Ho Ho!
B1361 Tannenbaum
B1187 Holly Berries
B1106 Flurries
B1285 Homespun Christmas 
B1113 Winter Wonderland
B1269 journaling jots
B1256 Alfresco
B1318 Magic Moments
B1185 bottle caps
B1026 atom builder
B1081 guilded frames
B1071 Playful numbers
B1175 Atomic Caps

New Additions:
B1145 Modern Blocks
B1271 Summer Picnic
B1216 Sunshine Thoughts
B1162 Aloha
B1255 Friendship Labels
B1202 Beetle Bugs
B1012 Bold Botanicals
B1204 Life Is So Good
B1200 Blissful Flight
B1010 Bold Butterflies
B1033 Blossom Blocks
B1052 Easter Blocks
B1013 Bright Blossoms
B1050 Blooms and Leaves
B1299 Spring Equinox
B1209 Cherish
B1197 Love is
B1170 Fairy Dust

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Scholastic WOTG

Hi everyone... here's the scholastic WOTG layouts... they are not quite finished... but are looking pretty good... Hope you enjoy them and think this is a great kit:)

My version of the WOTG

What else can this packet be used for besides school?

Not quite finished yet... 
Quite fun... will update later with the shopping list... 


Shopping List:
G1049 Scholastic WOTG $29.95  (includes level 2 paper pack + 2 colonial whites, instruction brochure, Coordinating C sized Stamp set, Color ready Canvas Shapes, Durables square studs)
X7159B Level two paper pack $9.95

Other Options:
X7159C Scholastic stickease $4.95
Z1777 Color Ready Alphabet $6.95

C1521 Approved 13.95
Z1766 Memo assortment 4.95

Bonus project:
Z1474 6x6 Kraft Die-Cut Cards and envelopes $6.95
Z1788 chalkboard shapes $3.95
Z1767 Chalkboard marker $2.95

I also used:
B1405 rugged dude $9.95
and milepost shapes

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Avonlea Card Workshop on the Go

Hi Everyone... I have been busy crafting.... here's the next project... the Avonlea card workshop on the go.  The kit is $29.95 and includes the supplies to make 15 cards (3 sets of five)... 
Card one
Card two
Card three
I have played around with the cards and have come up with my own designs... 
My version card 1
My version card 2
My version card 3
Anyone up for a workshop? Purchase either card WOTG (Avonlea or Pear and Partridge) and make a card holder to put your cards in... (or make a triple card holder for just $3)

Here's the Pear and Partridge WOTG cards... 

Card 1
Card 2
Card 3

And here are my versions of the cards... 
My take on card 1
My take on card 2
My take on card 3
And of course, here's what the triple folder looks like... the Avonlea triple folder is in the works... photos to come soon... 

triple card holder
Crafting makes me smile:)

Shopping list:

G1041  Avonlea card wotg $29.95 (includes 15 cards and envelopes, decorative papers and cardstock, stamp set, ribbon, epoxy bubbles, and brochure)


G1043 Pear and Partridge Card WOTG $29.95 (includes 15 cards and envelopes, decorative papers and cardstock, stamp set, ribbon, red glitter gems, and brochure)

other options:

Z2173 Slate, Z2114 cocoa, Z2111 chocolate, Z2137 olive, Z2116 cranberry, Z2147 smokey plum (or Z2145 ponderosa pine) 
* card adhesive 1514 tombow $8.95 or refill $5.50
 Z1151 dimensional tape $5.95
Z341 Mini glue dots $7.50
Z679 Liquid glass $6.95 (LG was used on the folders)
X254 Cards and Envelopes 50 pack white $14.95
X1410 Cards and Envelopes 50 pack colonial white $14.95

Friday, September 21, 2012

Chirp Chirp... I Have Been Cricuting today...

What do you think this will be???
So this turns into a fun card holder... wanna make this?  would love to show you how!!
Ta Da... it's a fun Card Holder!!!

I just love the new Cricut Artiste Cartridge!!!
And of course cards need to be made... These were made using the Pear and Partridge Card Workshop on the Go!!  What fun
my version left, their version right
Their version left, my version right
Their version left, my version right

Avonlea WOTG

Avonlea is my favorite new paper pack.  Which one is your favorite pack?  Here's what I created with Avonlea... 

Avonlea has an exclusive paper palette... Avonlea white, Avonlea teal and Avonlea green... They are fabulous and fun colors. 

I will be working on the photo box bonus project and posting it soon... 

Shopping List for Avonlea:
G1045 Avonlea WOTG $29.95 (includes instructions, parlor velvet rubons, opaques mocha adhesive gems and Avonlea stamp set)
X7155B Avonlea paper pack $9.95

Additional options:
Z1786 Mini-medley Accents Antique Gold $5.95
Z1760 Burlap Ribbon $7.95
X7155C Avonlea Compliments Canvas Shapes $5.95
Z1754 Sparkles Black & Grey $2.95
Z1748 Brocade Assortment $5.95
Z1322 My Creations Recipe/Photo Box $6.95
Z1777 Color Ready Canvas Alphabet $6.95

B1409 Pirouette $9.95
D1526 Family Tree $17.95

Are you more of a Card Maker?  
We now have WOTG Card Making kits too!

G1041 Avonlea Cardmaking kit $29.95 (includes instructions, Paper kit, 15 cards and envelopes, slate epoxy bubbles, grey organdy ribbon)

Will post card photos soon:)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pear and Partridge WOTG

So excited about this fun WOTG featuring the paper packet Pear and Partridge.  (Any workshop on the go can be worked on)  It's beautiful paper.  

Three layouts are complete, and bonus projects are in the works. This Class will be Tuesday October 2nd at 7:00 pm.  Be sure to have your items purchased by Friday October 21st.  please RSVP if you plan to attend.

From Brochure
Inspired by Amy Mayhew
Pattern 5 from Make it from your Heart

Here's the shopping list for the pear and partridge WOTG: Pick and choose:)

G1052 P&P WOTG $29.95 (includes brochure, stamp set, rub-ons and red sparkles)
X7162B P&P paper pack $9.95
**X7162C P&P glittery rub-ons $4.95
**Z1326 Red sparkles 2.95
Z1772 Dimensional elements in color $5.95
Z1743 Festive Velvet rub-ons $4.95
C1510 Merry and Bright stamp $13.95
C1520 Christmas Joy $13.95
Z1761 Dimensional Elements Ornaments $4.95
Z1484 Red Glitz Glitter Gel $2.75
Z1751 Harvest Twine Assortment $4.95

Other WOTG that coordinate:
G1043 P&P card making kit $29.95
G1044 P&P Advent Calender Kit $44.95

** included in Scrapbooking WOTG

More info to come.

Garage Sale Time

Hi Ladies,

It's time for another Garage sale:  Lee!  Hope you are excited.  These prices only reflect on hand stamp sets.
Used "D" Sized Stamp sets are priced at $7 each.
Used "C" Sized Stamp sets are priced at $6 each.
Used "B" Sized Stamp sets are priced at $5 each.

New "D" Sized Stamp sets are $12 each.
New "C" Sized Stamp sets are $10 each. 
New "B" Sized Stamp sets are $8 

rewards for $50 orders:  

Call if you would like to see them or stop by on Saturday:)


Friday, September 7, 2012

September Newsletter

Hi Hi!  

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the onset of Fallness!  Lots of things are going on... Kids are going back to school and the days are getting shorter, hockey season will soon be upon us:) And Next month is The Fall Village Creek Bible Camp retreat.  Oh My... 

Here's what's going on this month with Stamping Diva and CTMH ;-)

Monday September 10 CCC Creative Card Class:  This month we will be making a napkin fold card and an explosion card.  The class is $10 and will be at 7:00.  There is room for eight people, so RSVP to save your spot.  (also, kits can be purchased for $10 (can mail for $2 extra) and another class can be scheduled if there are four people interested.)

Saturday September 15th is a crop and play day:  Doors open 9am to 9pm  Just $10. Please RSVP for this event.  It will also feature the Avonlea WOTG if you are interested. Bring your own supplies and there will be a special project as well.  Room for 10. Also, will have some garage sale items out... so feel free to stop and shop.

Tuesday September 18th is Hostess Club... 7:00 pm:
We are looking for new members!!  Come and join us for a night of fun, creativity, chatter and groovy music.  We make a two page layout and place an order and take turns being hostess.  

Tuesday Sept 27 Shoebox Card Night... 7:00 pm:
Design a card and bring supplies for up to 10 people to create your card.  (also, please bring your basic tool kit) RSVP is required to attend this event.

Tuesday October 2nd WOTG night.... 7:00 pm: featuring Pear and Partridge kit.  (Christmas kit.)  Please have your kit purchased by Friday Sept 21st. The class is free when you purchase your kit through me.  Please refer to my blog for a shopping list. We will have at least two 2 page layouts (usually three) and sometimes a bonus project is available to do.

Monday October 8th CCC Creative Card Class 7:00 pm:
Featuring step cards or pop ups. Be sure to check back for more details.

Tuesday October 16th Hostess Club 7:00pm: 

Tuesday October 23rd Shoebox Cards 7:00pm:

Saturday October 27th 10:00 am till 2:00 pm:  Mallard Point Vendor Show.  Great specials

Tuesday October 30th - Sunday November 4th: Fall Village Creek Bible Camp Scrapbook Retreat (Tuesday -Thursday and Fri-Sun or any combination) Come join me in a fabulous "get your scrap on" weekend... no dishes, no laundry... just play play play play!!  Click here for more information: http://villagecreek.net/#/register-now

****Normally the fifth Tuesday is a bonus workshop, however, I will be out of town so will have a class Friday October 16th.  More details to come...It will be a cricut card workshop or event calendar... which one are you more interested in??? 


August/September "National Stamping Day" special... when a purchase reaches $35,  the "It's Your Day" special "Double D" stamp set can be added for just $5.  This is a totally fun stamp set and would highly recommend this delightful stamp set!

Special $100 order rewards... During the month of September only Order the new Artiste Cricut Cartridge $99 and add the SOTM $5and the "It's Your Day" stamp set $5 and receive $20 in free product and you can also choose an additional stamp set from a select group of stamps that I have on hand. That could be a retail value of over $190 for 109 plus tax and shipping. That's almost doubling your money!  It's a great value!!

***And of course, September is a great time to Host a Gathering... so let me know when it's a good time to schedule an event for you:)

****Is anyone interested in learning Studio J?  I have 2 free layouts to give away... (it's thru my personal account) Let me know by the 15th if you are interested.

Here's some great ideas to take pictured of this month and next... 

First day of school
School supplies
Students with teachers
New school clothes
Classroom photos
Dorm rooms
Riding the bus
Inside a lunch box
Labor day
Grandparents day
Women’s friendship day
Jewish new year
National stamping month

Playing in the leaves
Football games
Picking out pumpkins
Halloween costumes
Trick or treating
Decorating for Halloween
Homecoming activities
Friendship photos
Fall colors
Columbus day first frost

Enjoy the beautiful weather!