Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Mustache fun at VCBC!!!

What fun we had at Village Creek last week... created this layout for the occasion... 

Can't wait to get my photos developed and add them to this layout... 
Here are some of my favorites.. 

So we arrived on Tuesday and set up and most campers started arriving Thursday afternoon. I just love the atmosphere and we had two great speakers, Jane Kramer who spoke on the parable of the soil and Dina Hankins who spoke on offense... Satan's bait.  

It was a great retreat although I missed seeing some wonderful ladies who weren't able to attend this fall... Hugs to y'all.... Amy, Liz, Heather, Theresa, Suzie, Candace, Syndi, Liz, Jenny, Susan, Natalie... and a few more  

Be sure to join us in the Spring... For more information about camp check them out online... http://villagecreek.net/

Ok... I have to get back to work for now... but I love camp and my girls!

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