Saturday, July 22, 2017

July Shoebox Cards

Hi Everyone!!  

It's Summer!!  And so our numbers are small this month!!  We missed our friends who weren't able to attend and hope to see them in August.

Here are the amazing July creations!!

This is my simple card... it uses the new flower market cricut cartridge.  there are several layers and by adding a second color, it was really fun to create these fun flowers.  

Julie Huebner created this fun card.  Great colors... and great fun fold!  This is the front view...

 And here is the open view... the greeting will stick through the opening.  Be sure to only put adhesive on the half of the greeting and wait to adhere until the rest of the card is complete.

Melani's creation is an explosion card... so here's the front!!
This is a great card!!

And here it is open!  Thanks a bunch!  It consists of three pieces, the card itself, the "mechanism" and the display.  It's amazing that it all folds back to a regular sized card.  What a fun card!!

Anita's card is a wonderful wedding card.  We had three pieces of "cake" that was embossed with a flower motif.  We added some pink sponging to enhance the card and then added flower or bling.  Lovely card!!

The next class will be Tuesday, August 1st at 7:00 PM.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

June Hostess Club, Little Dreamer

Here's the creations for June

Little Dreamer was actually quite a bit of fun to work with.  

Here is the hostess club layout and it was inspired by Sue Nielsen's Live Beautifully Layout.  I really wanted to do the dots on the back side of this, but really liked the blues.  I love this color combination!!  Make sure you order this kit soon!  It's a great kit, perfect for a new baby!!

This was a super fun layout and was inspired by Brenda Rose's layout!  I loved adding the star border on the bottom and it uses so many fun papers.  

This layout was also inspired by Sue Nielsen's Live beautifully collection.  It is one of my favorites from this kit... just a sweet and simple layout.

This layout is inspired by Michelle Snyder.  I love how the PML card fit's perfectly!!  This layout could also be done with the dots as well!  Always love it when the reverse sides works with a layout too!  

This layout is my favorite one.  It was inspired by Susan Williams live beautifully layout.  It was fun to embellish with stickers!!!  

This layout was inspired by Melissa Laverty.  I love that this is a more subtle look.

What do you think of these fabulous layouts?  Amazing right!!  The next kit will be No Worries and because the 4th of July falls on a Tuesday, Hostess Club will meet on July 18th this month!! Join us for this fun day of creativity.  Doors open at 5:00 PM.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

June Shoebox Cards

Welcome Summer!!

We were a small group on Tuesday... but we had a great time!!

Here are our amazing creations!!

My daughter is due to have a baby in the next couple of weeks, so this card is in honor of them.  The card is a tall card and scored at 5.5 and then put the fold on the two inch mark of the cutter and cut.  Also make another two in strip for the bottom.  Decorate, then lay the bottom piece at the bottom of the card and line up the sides with the "giraffe" piece.  Super fun and cute!!

Julie's patriotic card was super fun!  The silver fireworks is dryer tape!  How clever.  
Stars and stripes are perfect for this fun card.  We started off with a normal sized card 8.5x5.5 and score at 4.25 then, cut one inch off the top.  Fold one side of the card in half and the opposite side of strip.  Decorate and adhere the one inch strip and glue only in the first half and the last half.

Here is the side view.  (oops it was pigment ink and it got smudged).  The section without the decorative paper is left blank intentionally for a place to sign the card.  

Super fun card and love the the twist!!

Melani's card was super fun and had lots of folding.  The box is tied with a yellow floss and is a great match to the yellow border and sun burst.  There is a message inside and also something small can be put inside too.  The link to the directions will come.  

What a fun and surprising card!  Definitely having a bone folder is a good idea for this project!!

***Because the first Tuesday falls on the fourth of July, Shoe Box Cards will meet Tuesday July 11. So join us in a nice cool basement for a delightful even of card making, chatter and good music too!!

The next Shoebox Card Class will meet Tuesday July 11th at 7:00 PM!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Some Kinda Wonderful

Hi Everyone!!  Hope you have been enjoying a beautiful spring!!  Here are the layouts we did for CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful kit.  While this wan not a kit that initially wowed me, I have to say, it was really fun to work with!!  So check out the amazing layouts and create some of you own!!

This is the hostess club layout!  I loved the bright colors and it really does feel like it's a welcome summer layout out.  This layout was inspired by Judy Eccard.  I love this layout and the bright colors.  It was fun to create and it will be fun to add photos to it as well!!

This first layout was inspired by the amazing Chris Robertson's Halloween layout.  I also wanted to do something more masculine since many of my clients have sons... and this kit can tend to go girlish.  I loved this first layout!!  The black accents really pop on this layout!!

So yeah... I went there... let's do a girlish layout too!! This marvelous layout was inspired by Jen Mahan!!  It was a super fun layout to create and I love the You and Me (& is from the sticker pack and the words You and Me were stamped with the E1032 Typography Alphabet.  

Here's another Jen Mahan inspired layout!!  I loved this layout because it wasn't girlish.  The pink circles were punched out and cut in half and added a bit of fun to this super cute layout!!

Lynn Como inspired this layout!  And it's adorable!  I couldn't resist!!  I loved using the PML cards... especially the black with pink eyelashes.  And this layout came together very quickly!  

I loved all of the black textured paper in this kit and wanted to do another layout that would be less girly... and loved how this one came out.  This was inspired by a layout from pinterest, but it didn't have a name on it.  

These were such fun layouts to do!!  We had a great time!  The kit for June will be Little Dreamer.  Can't wait to see what comes from that kit!  Join us June 13th ... Doors open at 5:00 PM!  

May Shoebox Cards

Here are the wonderful cards we did in May!!

This is my card and features a two toned dragon fly on washi tape!  Cute and simple or quick and clean card!  

Here's Anita's lovely card... we trimmed the flowers and the semi circle paper, added some stamped leaves and cut one out.  The double layer really frames this card well.  
With Shannon's thoughtful idea, we added glitter to the word "Happy" and a few sequins with sparkle in the middle.  Gorgeous card!!

Julie's graduation card was a bit tricky, But super fun!  She had the tassels done for us!! so that was wonderful!  We did a lot of scoring and cutting.  Check back soon for more information on this crazy great card!  Here is the link to the directions.


Open... three folds.  This was a challenging and unique card and we were all successful!!

This is Kathy's darling card... She has found some adorable thin cuts while shopping and loves to share them with us!  This card features textured waterish paper, wave scissors, and washi tape!  And we stamped the envelope too!  What a fun and encouraging card!!

Here's Melani's card... it's an elegant card with a couple of layers... She cut half the card off and embossed it, added some fun flowers to swirly stamp, and some purple and yellow thread, then inside... 

a greeting with more flowers, careful to line up the front flap with the greeting... 

and finally one final greeting with another flower!  Lovely card!!

Roxxy's card uses a layered thin cut and it was a little tricky to line things up, but she told us to build up the pieces first, then do one little section at a time and then add our background so that when it was flipped over, it would look wonderful!!  What an uplifting card!!  LOL!!

Shannon's sweet card was fun and used little flower embellishments... some with bling and some without bling... the purple flowered paper was a perfect compliment to this sweet card. The bottom purple piece has a slight wave to it.  A very thoughtful card!! 

Join us for the next card class Tuesday June 6th at 7:00!!  We always have a lot of fun!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

April Hostess Club Dreamin' Big

Hi Everyone!!  Here's the fabulous layouts we created using the Dreamin' Big kit!

This first layout was inspired by Liz Johnson (Happy Times layout).  It was great fun to play with the dreamin' big stamp set and thin cuts!!  This layout is quick and easy and lots of spots for photos!  (it also uses a PML card too!)

Here's the first layout using the kit!  The bugs are stickers and it was fun to add the dotted lines as flying paths.  This layout was inspired by Michelle Snyder's Calypso layouts!  Another quick and easy layout!

This Crazy fun layout was inspired by Maz Wood!  She did here's on white, but I loved how it looks on Black.  it was fun with Triangles... (starts out as a square and cut them in half diagonally.) Lovely layout!! Hope you try it!

This a another quick and fun layout.  The green striped boarder is a PML card cut in half.  I love the colors here, Whisper, Juniper, and saffron.  The "Life is an Adventure is a PML card and is designed to be a flip flap.

This last layout was inspired by Jaime Llewellyn!  This is just such a sweet and simply layout using pml cards as well as sticker (flowers).  

Hope you love all of this amazing layouts!  I am grateful for all of the amazing artists from CTMH who inspire me!  Join us for a our next Hostess club (Tuesday May, 9) where we will be using the Some Kinda Wonderful paper pack.  Doors open at 5:00 PM!  See you then!!


Monday, May 1, 2017

April Shoebox Cards

Hi everyone!!  Here's the April Shoebox Card collection!!  What a fun night we had!!

This card is using the Sugar Rush Cardmaking kit!  I love these fun donuts with their sprinkles and love love love the thin cuts!  

Anita's darling bunny treat bag is super cute.  All of our little faces had their own personality!  The eyes were made from a slot punch and a little white marker added a sweet touch.  And it was quick and easy.

Julie showed us some circle folding techniques.. and look at the two beautiful creations we made.  They are stand up cards. The flower, the circles were all the same size.  They were one inch circles.  It was tricky to work with the smaller circles but they were very nice.

Here is her next card... bigger circles, three the same size and one bigger.  Really enjoyed this card.

Kathy's card is always thoughtful... this time she found an embossing stencil with three butterflies on and found fabric butterflies and they were all cut out for us!!  Bonus!!

Roxxy's card  was super cute... we used a stencil and inked it up and then put the white part of the card on it.  We used colored pencils to color in the groovy chick... 

Here's the inside!!

And Melani's lace doily card with a lovely flower... punches and cricut images work wonderfully well on cards too!  Great Spring Card... now is spring would just get here!!

We always have a great time doing cards!!