Friday, August 15, 2014

When you need a sympathy card

Sometimes you need a sympathy card... 

Today was one of those days... 

So I wanted to share this card again.... I did it for Shoebox cards back in February... and it's just a nice card... so here it is... 

Here's the recipe for the card

1.5x4.25 whisper cardstock with D1544 Distressed Backgrounds burlap stamped in slate ink over it.

.25x4.25 twilight cardstock...  lots of colors would work as well for this card.... since the other colors are very neutral... 

.75x4.25 slate cardstock

Then add about 3.25 inch of half inch washi tape... I liked a bit of space in between the cardstock and the washi tape. 

Cut ovals using Art Philosophy (oval 3) the white one is 2 and the twilight one is 2.25. Stamp the tree from stamp set C1559 Always Grateful in the oval.  Also, sponging the edge of both ovals in slate ink adds a softness to the image. This image was also popped up using 3D tape.

Stamp sentiment in the bottom right hand corner in slate.  

Sometimes it's hard to know what to write... so I checked out this site and it was a big help!!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Open House Info Part 2

Well I was just so excited about those PML kits that I just wanted to share as much information as I could!  Woot Woot!!

And while the PML kits were the big focus on the open, there are a few more details I would love to share with you all...  

My Open House also brought in a new incentive this year... CTMH Cash!!  

And my customers loved CTMH Cash!!  What's that you ask?  It's how my customers were rewarded for different things... 

Earn CTMH Cash:
**10% of your sales
**Bring a friend $5 CTMH cash
**Order online $5 CTMH cash
**Sign up for Hostess club $20 CTMH Cash
**Donate $5 to Operation Smile $5 CTMH cash
**Book a party $20 CTMH cash.

How can the cash be redeemed?  $10 could be redeemed as hostess rewards, and the rest of it could be used to purchase from my sales tables (both cash and CTMH cash is acceptable)

Here's some of the items that were available... 

These are all new items

These are used items and bargain box items

and these are older display items.
CTMH Cash is available for 
any orders in August!!!

Here's the display table with new products on it... so much to see!!

new kits, new washi tape, new glitter paper, new crush books, new markers,
new sotm, new stamps, new tools, new projects, and so much more!!

I love this new crush book and the new accessories!!
I also love that it fits so well in the small storage box!

These are the new Shinhan markers... they blend really
well and I love the ombre look!!

And of course there is a fabulous SOTM in August... it's called "What a Hoot!!" 

It includes 17 stamps and is an incredibly fun stamp to paper piece and embellish!!  This is one of the best stamps of the month in a long time!  And I love that he's so versatile!  Perfect for Halloween, but also great for lots of other occasions.  

Hootie can be yours for just $5 with a $50 purchase!!  Click here for more information and artwork.

**Here's the information on upcoming Classes:

10 Card Workshop:

This card workshop is Monday August 18th... at 7:00 pm.  Just $7 for 10 cards (2 sets of 5)

still time to sign up...
A) I want it ALL (stamps, bling and cards) $25
B) Bling and cards please $12
C) Just the Cards please $7

And bring a friend and she can make the cards for free!!

Jewelry Workshop:

Have you seen CTMH Base and Bling?  Here's your chance!  There will be a class Monday September 15th!  Come and check it out!  Also find the Base and Bling on pages 164-167 in the new Annual Inspirations.

This is an exciting class in September!  It's all about making these great Jewelry items. And they make great gifts too!!!  There will be a little class sharing ideas for the jewelry items that night and then guests are welcome to create their project.

First choose a color: faux antiqued silver or faux antiqued gold

Then choose a shape: Circle or Square ($12)/ Oval or Rectangle(13) This includes the necklace, the pendant, the glass cover, the style sheet, a charm and a rhinestone.

Additional pendants may be purchased for $4 and add a charm and a rhinestone for just $6.

Bracelets are $7.50 each.  

Please RSVP by September 1st with your choices to ensure your choice is available.  

Hostess Club:

We are starting a new round of Hostess Club in September with a new and exciting plan!  Hostess Club will still meet on The second Tuesday of each month and each month will have a hostess much like before.  But here's the deal... when it's your turn to be the hostess, you will receive hostess rewards according to your purchases as well as any guests orders that attend on your club night.  So let's say that your orders average $50 for the last six months, then when it's your time to be hostess, the rewards would be based on $300. I am very excited about this program and hope you are too!  please feel free to ask any questions!

The first Club meeting is September 9th and Lisa Murphy will be the hostess

WOTG Class:

And of course there will be WOTG classes again this year as well... All WOTG classes are FREE with the purchase of a kit.  (additional papers may be needed to complete all projects. There will be a blog post with a shopping list for each kit that is featured for that month. It's a great resource!

Here's the schedule of WOTG so far... 

Tuesday August 26th is Timberline
**Bonus Crop Saturday September 20th Seaside
Tuesday September 23rd is Chalk it up
Tuesday October 28th is Scaredy Cat (not a WOTG kit but will still do at least three layouts)
**Bonus Crop Saturday November 22nd Pathfinding
Tuesday November 25th is Yuletide Carol
**Tuesday December 30th is Confetti Wishes (alternate date)
Tuesday January 27th (something from Seasonal Expressions)

Here's some final thoughts... 

I am so excited to have the Annual Expressions (the new catalog) come out once a year!  Look for the next one in August 2015!  Also, in December and in April, there will be a new mini catalog called Seasonal Expressions!  So get excited for that!!  

There's a great Constant Campaign in September... When your purchase reaches $30, you qualify to receive the free "C sized stamp set" #30yearsof happy in honor of Jeanette's (CTMH Founder) 30 years of creativity!!  It has 30 images and more to follow on that!

And one last thing... do you have a QR reader on your smart phone?  CTMH has codes in the AI and it's fun to check those out!!

Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Open House Information

Thanks to everyone who attended My Open House on Tuesday!  

Here's how things went... 

We had a lovely Make and Take... inspired by a card made at convention using Scaredy cat.

This lovely cards is sporting the Confetti wishes paper pack!  I really love this paper pack!  It's so fun and bright and just happy!  The greeting is from the stamp set Casual Expressions that has lots of fun messages and it's perfect a quick card.  The greetings shape was cut using the Artiste cricut cartridge (page 63 two inches).  Pacifica is the ink used to stamp the sentiment.

Be sure to only put adhesive on half of the greeting.  Also note the cute little white enamel star in the corner of the greeting!  What a fun little additional!  This card is a 4x4 and has been scored at two and four.  Have you tried the new score board? It certainly makes the life a card maker a lot easier!!

And of course, what's a party without chocolate??

So first, I want to give Kudos to Jennifer Sluder Rubio for the great idea that inspired my open house theme and Leanne Butler for amazing confetti wishes artwork!  

Let's talk about PML... Picture My Life!  For the past couple of days I have been checking out lots of great you tube videos and gathering lots of good information to share with you all ... about why PML is such a great program!!

What's in the kit?  It includes a title page as well as 44 (two sets of 22) 4x6 cards and 78 (three sets of 26) 3x4 cards.  There are also ten memory protectors... one 12x12 side load and three each of design 3, 4, and 5

Here's the Laughing Lola cover page and cards are in the magazine holder (cut using the Artiste Cricut cartridge). The cover page is double sided... it has a 12x12 design on the front and the back is designed to look like PML cards for easy transition into the pocket page section.  

Not sure PML is for you?  Maybe you would like to try the PML buffet! I sell the cards and memory protectors separately! It's a great way to try it without investing a lot of money into it. 

Storage is always a concern.. but we have several options that would work well... You have already seen the magazine holders that coordinate with the color of each kit.  Also, consider the My creations Journaling Box.  It's easy to decorate using coordinating colors and papers.  It holds the cards and it also fits right in side the medium organizer

And the Medium organizer holds both sets are cards for easy organization.  The dividers are removable.  My daughter loves her box!!

Jessy's box (thanks for sharing it)

One of the things that she loves most about PML and the medium organizer is that it's so portable... someone wants to get together for crafting... all she has to do is grab her box and go:)  All of her supplies are handy and contained:)

What other supplies might you need to go with PML? A couple of things come to mind... a corner rounder and a journaling pen.  And Washi tape.. Washi tape is a great addition to any project!  And of course I love CTMH Washi tape as it's designed to coordinate with our colors and projects!  

Did you know that we have flip flaps that work well with PML?  Yep, we sell 4x6 flip flaps and the small assortment has 3x4 flip flaps!  Oh oh oh!! I just discovered that we now have 3x4 flip flaps by themselves... Woot Woot!!!  These flip flaps are a great way to add an additional photo, have hidden journaling and be a memorabilia saver! They attach the directly to the memory protector!  Who would have thought... right??!?!?

So what can you do with PML cards besides sticking them in a pocket page protector?

Here they are used on a 12x12 layout!! Love this look!!

This is a VERY simple card... the ends were cut off so that it measured 4x5.25 and simply glued to a card base. 

Here PML cards have been added as a cute and quick display!  photos could also be added.  Love this Chicken wire frame and the cute little clothes pins!!

This is a mini book made of 4x6 pml cards and adding cardstock and a bit of stamping and some bling... so so cute!  (using the chalk it up pml cards). This one uses string to hold it together after holes are punched... Another option is to use Washi Tape to bind it together.

Tips and Tricks: Aaron Brown shared a great tip... use square photos so you don't have to worry about the orientation.  (Then we got to chatting and photos used to be printed in square... (both black and white and color... like back in the 60's and 70's) Funny how things come back a round right... 

Thought this was a good one too... don't let the size of the pocket limit you... for instance.. cut a 4x6 photo in half and slip it into two 3x4 pockets!!

Consider using only part of the cards... cut them up... pop a design element... be creative!  Add some bling... use left over stickers and gems to add a one of kind look to your PML cards!!

PML cards are so versatile!  and it's fun and easy to use!  Even kids could use them!  

And they are such a great value.  CTMH suggests to use an even ratio of card to photo... so with that being said... 5-6 pages and cards would be about $10-$12.  Certainly a reasonable cost and it's quick too!

Oh and did you notice, No adhesive necessary!  Love it!  (course that's until you decide to make your own PML cards!!!) 

I have heard several peeps say that they wished that they could buy the cards separately.  Well, let me just tell you this... you will run out of memory protectors well before you run out of cards... LOL!  but that being said, I would be happy to purchase the page protectors back from you!!  

One other wonderful thing!!  It's super easy to work with cardstock in creating your own PML cards.... you can get six 4x6 cards from one 12x12 sheet. And 3x4 is half of 4x6!  I love how that works!  

Speaking of making your PML cards, the lovely Leanne Butler shared her design for confetti wishes and also created a bunch of PML cards and it was so amazing that I stamplifted!  

This uses confetti wishes paper pack, stickease and assortment
 The layout below leaves room for seven horizontal photos:)
And here is the PML cards using leftovers bits and stickease.
Simply amazing!

And here's the Crazy Great Special that CTMH is running during August!  When you purchase any of the 13 (Yes we have 13 amazing PML kits) you can then purchase your choice of a set of ten additional memory protectors for just $3!  Wowsers!  that's like a $7 savings!  I told you.. it's crazy great!!!

And there's still plenty of time to take advantage of this special!  You can order online or contact me for my personal order specials for August!

Well, that's all for tonight... more Open House thoughts tomorrow!!  Thanks for checkin out this post!!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August Shoebox Card Night

What a lovely evening... great cards, great chatter and great snacks... Lori baked the most delicious buttermilk brownies!  Thanks Lori... and the frosting was yummy too!!

The first Tuesday each month is Shoebox card night... We each design a card and bring the supplies to make the card ... in a "shoebox"  It's a fun way to swap ideas and have a girls night!

Here's my card featuring lots of new product... I love this crazy owl set... click here to see more ideas... 

This card is totally stamplifted from Pam Elison!  What a lovely card!!

And here are the amazing creations of my friends... 

 Anita's man card... This was just a great card!  Love the touch of silver on the stars... and the pop of red!!

 This is Dulce's lovely card... such a sweet card that's perfect for any occasion!

 Lori designed this little beauty.  It's elegance is perfect for a wedding, sympathy or any occasion.  

What fun with Melani... this card is a slider card! and it works!  Love the words... Your friendship makes my heart happy and best friends listen to what you don't say. We also get to pick our colors... of course I picked blue:) 

And we all picked different colors... Lori picked dark blue, Anita picked yellowc Dulce picked purple and Melani's card was red!

It was a good night!  Creativity, chatter and chomps! Next class will be Tuesday September 2nd!  Hope to see you ... 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Open House August 12th 7:00 pm

Hi Hi!  

It's that time of year again... it's something I look forward to each year!  And this year, I am even more excited!  So much to show and tell!  

And we will be playing too!  Please bring 3-4 4x6 photos to create a PML page.  Each person will receive a 12x12 page protector and their choice of PML cards to create a page.  

Also I will share lots of information on Picture My Life...  different ways to use PML cards and have a few sample pages to share.  You are going to love it!!

It's also very exciting that the Constant Campaign this month is PML related!  It's such a great special that I know everyone is going to want to take advantage of it!!  Woot Woot!  

There are now 13 fabulous PML kits to choose from!!  And with the purchase of any of those kits, receive a 10 pack of page protectors for just $3! It's a great special... because everyone can use extra page protectors.  

There will also be a card make and take and of course new products and samples and get your new Annual Inspirations book!

Bonuses... Everyone who attends will receive their choice of an M stamp that will come with their order.  

Also, Each customer will receive CTMH cash for the following things and can spend their cash for rewards.

*10% of personal order will be CTMH cash

*bring a friend receive $5 CTMH cash 
*order online receive $5 CTMH cash
*Sign up for hostess club receive $20 CTMH cash
*Donate $5 to Operation Smile receive $5 CTMH Cash
*Book a party receive $20 CTMH Cash

What are the rewards?  There will be tables of products that CTMH cash can buy.  (lots of retired products and used stamps at very reasonable prices) and older samples.  First come first serve.  Also $10 can be use for new items of the the following... Stamps, stickers, paper packets, markers and cardstock.

There will be prizes too!  So much fun.

Be sure to check out upcoming classes!

Can't make it that night?  That's ok... online orders and phone orders work well too!  (rewards may arrive separately).  

Please share with anyone you think might be interested!  

Make to plans to attend now.  RSVPs are helpful but not required!  


Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Stamp of the Month

It's a new month... and lots of new and exciting things! It's fun using the new products from the new Annual Inspirations and sharing them with you!  

I love being able to have the SOTM ahead of time and sharing some fun artwork using it! The August Stamp of the Month is What a Hoot (S1408

This stamp set is just $5 with qualifying purchase

This fun and delightful stamp set includes 17 images.  They are easy to cut out and perfect for paper piecing.  It's perfect for "Owloween" but it's also quite versatile and cane be used for many occasions, like birthdays, parties, valentines and much more... (only three of the 17 images are halloween oriented)

Here are so great "OWL" quotes for you to try in your scrapping or card making..

Owl be there for you
Owl always love you
Owl Miss You
Thank you for Owl you do
Love with Owl your heart
You're a hoot
Whooo loves you
Hoot if you're cute
May owl your dreams come true
Look WHOO is celebrating
Hip Hip WhooRay
Night Owl
Give a Hoot
Keep calm and Hoot on

So easily this is an amazingly versatile stamp set and one that every stamper is going to want!

Here's my first card using this set... 

This card was done using the Chalk It Up set.  The words are stamped in Lagoon ink. 

Here's another fun card using the same owl and different B&T papers.

This owl is sporting Confetti Wishes paper (X7189B) featuring the new color Thistle and Canary as well as an old favorite Pacifica.  Also love the new diagonal striped Thistle ribbon (Z1990)

So here are the step by step directions for doing the owl card.

The owl image was stamped four times or parts of it were... I really used mostly scraps to put this together.  
Stamp the owl on the main piece.
The CW is 3/4 and the WD is 2.5x3.5.
Stamp the upper body

cut it all out

stamp the tummy and cut it out.

Stamp the eyes and cut them out

So this is all of the pieces cut out.

Now start gluing the largest piece first and then layering on top of that.

glue this first 
then the tummy

then the eyes
Lots of options for the eyes...
For the eyes... Someone else used googly eyes, I stamped them in the first one and then saw someone else... (sorry I don't remember but I think it was Fancy Melissa) used the new sequins (Z2102) or (Z2103) and aqua dots... I loved it... so I used it here too... with (Z1807) pink glitter gems

Once again... here is the final project.  It's just so cute!

and since we are on an Owl Theme... I have one more card to share with you tonight... my sweet friend Carol Loftus sent me a darling owl card and she has given me permission to post it.

Carol's lovely card is using the Scaredy Cat collection... and her owl is all stamps with black sequins for the eyes!  What a fun card!!

Hope you are seeing lots of great ideas on this wonderful blog hop!

Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2014 Constant Campaign Picture Perfection

Are you familiar with CTMH's Picture My Life Series?  It's such a crazy good way to scrap!

Picture Perfection!

August 2014 Constant Campaign

During the month of August, when you purchase any of the 13 available Picture My Life™ scrapbooking programs featured in the 2014–2015 Annual Inspirations idea book at their full retail price of $24.95 USD / $27.50 CAD, you are eligible to add your choice of 1 of 8 qualifying Memory Protectors™ 10-packs for just $3.00! Each Picture My Life scrapbooking program already includes a coordinating 10-pack of Memory Protectors, so when you add your additional 10-pack for only $3.00 you will be well on your way to your own picture-perfect pocket scrapbooking adventure!

Dates: Offer valid August 1, 2014–August 31, 2014

Please view the New Close To My Heart Annual Inspirations Catalog

And it's not just for using with the pocket pages... Through out the month of August be sure to check back for great tips and tricks using the PML kits.

Watch this great video that talks about what's in the kit!

There are now 13 choices of kits... ***These albums are no longer available due to a quality issue. CTMH is in the process of finding a great album at a great price.

There are lots of choices for page protectors for this special... your choice of any 10 pack for just $3!  That's a crazy great price!

And of course you will want to attend my OPEN HOUSE Tuesday August 12th for more great info on the PML kits.

Here's another great PML video...