Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ordering Special

For those who are interested in ordering new and current products, either online (rewards will be sent later) or by contacting me, Here are some bonuses that are available only through Diane Bowman:

If the order is $150 or more, receive free SOTM($18 value), Choice of starred items in Holiday gift guide (up to a $18 value) $25 in free select free product, and bonus WOTG ($30 value) of your choice!!

If the order is $100 or more, receive a free SOTM ($18 value),  Choice of starred items in Holiday gift guide (up to a $18 value), $10 in select free product and bonus of a free level 2 paper pack!!

For $75 order, receive SOTM free ($18 value) and choice of free paper pack!!

For $50 order, receive a free SOTM ($18 value) and a free ink pad!!

This special is good only with me, Diane Bowman and only good through Friday December 6th. Again, for those of you placing orders online, please be aware that bonus orders will be sent separately. 

Click here to start shopping.


PS.. Need something gift wrapped, just lmk!

Shopping Weekend Specials

The first special is on older "E" sized stamp sets... some new and some used...

New stamp sets... originally valued at $30...
today thru Monday limited to what's on hand...

New stamp sets will be just $12
(2) E1025 rock the block
E1012 key to my heart
E1010 Chocolate alpha
(2) W190 Family Alpha
E1001Essential Alpha
E1004 Cobblestone Alpha

Used will be $7
E1001 Essential Alpha
E1002 Rustic Alpha
E1005 Promise of Spring

Photos to come... still learning how to do photos in my new computer.... thanks for your patience


chocolate new

cobblestone new

essential new

extra new

key to my heart new

promise of spring used

rock the block new

rustic used

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Huntington WOTG

What a fun night... And Roxxy got them all done!!!

Thanks to Lisa Stenz and Susan Williams for the inspiration!

It was fun to take out my stuff and play tonight...and boom... another layout!  so those of you who came on Saturday... make sure to come back and do the last one!  It's fun!!!

Here's a quick recap of the layouts:

CTMH layout from brochure... Loved it!!
The next set was inspired by the Amazing Lisa Stenz!  My peeps are loving the flip flaps!!!

left page open

right page open
This lovely layout was inspired by Susan Williams... and is found in the 
Make it from your Heart II

Thanks gals for coming over!  It was a fun fun night!!!

In the mood for Shopping???

There will be specials for Black Friday ... great bargains on discontinued merchandise and super specials for online orders and special deals for Christmas Gifts!  be sure to check back on Friday for more information!  

Also, these specials are only good with me... and will be good thru Monday Dec 2nd.  

Items for sale

Well, now that everything is out of the room, it's time to put back what needs to stay and time to say good bye to some other items... 

Let's start with  CM cutting system and decorative scissors... prices do not include shipping... 
gems and ovals, overlay and cutting mat... $20

Three Fiskars Corner Edgers $3 for the set of three

12 fiskars decorative scissors all 12 for $15 or $1.50 each...
found another one sunflower is not pictured

6 large Fiskar decorative scissors $9 for all six or $2 each

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Here's an update on the Polka Dots

so... I have been painting and purging... 

Just a disclaimer... I loved the polka dots... it was just time for a change... and painting and rearranging allows for other things too... purging and reorganizing... 

Here's the before shot... 

the blue strip is the painter's tape... 

and here's the after shot... 
the paint is a light grey... and it's so exciting... 

now that is it's painted, it's time to reload the room... 

tomorrow... right... 


Friday, November 15, 2013

Join CTMH and here's why...

Here's the scoop!  If you love paper crafting, stamping and scrapbooking, consider joining my team with CTMH. 

Here's why...

Great teaching and training
CTMH is a SOLID company
No inventory
Products at a discount
Amazing products
Low Investment (just $49)
Exciting conventions
Earn Free Travel
Building relationships
Learning and sharing of ideas
OBA... free Online Business Accounts
Commission on sales
Commission on four tiers
Studio J online scrapbooking 

I love this company and have been with them for 13 and a half years.  It's been an amazing journey both in my personal and business experience.   The friendships I have made and the traveling I have done through my connection with CTMH has opened so many doors for me.  I would love to have you on my team!!

Enjoy this short video about CTMH!!! And please lmk if there are any questions. Interested? Click on  Join my team !!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bye Bye Polka Dots

So I have decided to paint and rearrange my office... Needing some better storage options and while I love the polka dots... it's really just time for them to go... So I am painting just the top half... Woot Woot... and I made it over by the window.  It's kind of slow and messy... but it will be better than ever when it's finished:)

That means that I am also cleaning out and finding treasures and such... so, for the next week or so, I will be posting items for sale... on face book and on my blog here.  Prices do not include shipping... and I will be happy to send things to anyone.  So keep your eyes on the blog for great items for sale at great prices... 

By the way... I am painting one area at a time mostly... tonight I just painted till I ran out of paint.  

What color do you think I painted?


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Did you know about My Craft Channel?

I have just discovered and CTMH has little episodes on them... In case you missed them... Here are the Linkes to the CTMH episodes... 

Episode 1: A Burst of Creativity
Love using scraps:)!!

Episode 2: Preserve with Pizazz
Who doesn't love Modge Podge?!?

Episode 3: Connect the Dots
Do you have leftover bling?

Episode 4: Wacky Washi
Love Washi tape!!  Make sure to get the Sparkle and Shine Washi tape before it goes away!!

Episode 5: Do the Twist
Love the sandwhich method!!

Episode 6: Craft for your Curls


Open Crop Saturday November 23rd

Hi Ladies.. 

Just a reminder that there will be a FREE open Crop on Saturday November 23rd from 9am to 9pm. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.  This is a great opportunity to catch up on any missed classes or projects that you have been working on.  

Also, there will be some discounted items on hand to buy if you want to stop and shop!

It's BYOL bring your own lunch:)


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November Hostess Club Layouts!!!

Tonight was a wonderful evening of creativity... The layout was fairly simple, and allowed the opportunity for embellishing using stamps!!!   Love the creativity of these layouts!!

This is my layout (inspired by Dana Kessler's beach layout)

Ladies you Rocked it tonight!!  Here are their creations!!  They are amazing!

Proplayer Dulce

Sparkle and Shine Krista

Buzz and bumble Melani

Laughing lola Roxxy

Later Skater Shannon
These layouts are amazing!  We missed some of our friends... and hope they are able to make it next time.  We missed you!!!

The next Hostess Club meeting is Tuesday December 10th!! 

Wanna join us?


Hostess Club layout

Hostess Club is held on the second Tuesday each month!!  So it's tonight!  Here's the layout we are doing tonight!

It's a fun but simple layout using Stamps to accentuate!!

November Hostess Club
A layout is created each month and participants choose paper that suits them.  Many of our participants order the WOTG and come back in two weeks to create 3-5 additional layouts:)  

That's one of the benefits about Joining club... creating so many layouts ... getting inspired and learning new things!  

Guests are always welcome!

Doors open at 6:30 pm:)

Change it up Tuesday Challenge

Today is a busy day... so here's a quick challenge!  Often there is a really cool scrapbook page or card that we have made and loved... So today... the challenge is to remake that fun card or scrapbook page using different colors, or different paper, or different stamps...

Here's my example today... This card was inspired by Dena Hughes... and it was created for Shoebox card night.  it's fun and cute and a bit girlish... (Hollyhock and Slate)

This card was created for shoebox card night!!

so here's a new version... same stamps, different color... (Crystal Blue and Slate)

And it's fun as well... what are you going to do?

Friday, November 8, 2013

albums and page protectors

As part of the class on flip flaps, we discuss CTMH's albums and page protectors.  I love CTMH's albums!  They are high quality, post bound albums.  They have a nice feel to them.   It's called Faux Leather and are available in the following colors, Outdoor Denim, Black, Holly Hock, Cranberry and Chocolate. They are expandable and affordable!

And of course the page protectors are wonderful too!  They are strong and durable!  One of the best parts things about CTMH page protectors is the extra 1/2 gutter.  What does that do?  It's wonderful addition that allows the book to open and lay flat  and keep the pages from puckering near the posts.

TIP... The prices are the page protectors are due to go up in the next idea book... so now is a great time to stock up.  Right now the price is $22.95 for 50 pages.   Right now that's about 55 cents a piece with shipping and handling. 

Flip Flaps are an fun and fabulous way to get more bang for your buck by getting more photos on your pages.  There's a variety of sizes available!  

Flip flaps come with a strong adhesive.  To attach the flip flaps, fold the adhesive strip to the back, (the side with the opening is the back) this will protect papers and photos from coming out.  One way to attach them is to put them where they will go leaving the adhesive protective covering on, then when it's in place, lift off the white strip and press into place. 

*The 12 inch assortment includes two 4x12's, four 6x12's, and two 8x12's.  They can be used in conjunction with each other or by themselves. 

* The 6x6 package contains 10 flip flaps and is a fun size to work with.  Maybe you are saying, hmmm... I don't print 6x6 photos... Here's some options.  Lots of folks are using instagram and can get photos in 2x2 size or 3x3 size.  Using a 6x6 flip flap, four 3x3 photos can be used and nine 2x2 photos can be used... or by adding a 2x6 strip of coordinating papers, a 4x6 photo fits quite nicely.  It's a fun way to add lots of pop to a layout.

*The 4x6 assortment has 15 flip flaps and is fun to layer two or three of these together on a page.  Here's a great tip for matting 4x6 photos.  Most photos  can have an edge cut off, a quarter inch on a bottom and side right???  So then taking a 12x12 sheet of paper six mats can be cut... cut at six  by 12 and then cut into four inch sections. These fit nicely into the 4x6 flip flaps and also mat the photos perfectly!!

*The small assortment is really just fun... it includes 16 flip flaps... four of each of the following: 4x4, 3x3, 4x3, and 2x2.  These work well in any album and also are perfect for the Crush books.  They make great memorabilia holders. 

Have you seen the true fit folios?  This is our biggest flip flap ever!  simply slide one end into a page protector and decorate three pages as well as another page to put in the next page protector and get two layouts on one page:)  Nice!

Other page protectors to consider are photo storage pages.  There are two versions, horizontal and vertical.  It's an easy way to store photos before they are scrapbooked and they even work in albums when there are just too many photos to scrap.  And there is a way to add more photos to these pages as well... ask me the next time you see me...

Other products to pay attention to are Spine Expanders... these are a great way to resolve alligator syndrome.  Sometimes our scrapbooks become wider at one end.  By using the spine expanders, it allows the spine some extra space to keep up with the thickness of the pages.

One of my favorite products is call the Work In Progress (WIP) album.  It's a great way to store pages when you are at a crop.  Many people like their albums to be scrapped in chronological order... sometimes we don't always scrap in chronological order... the WIP  album is a great way to store pages while waiting.  Also, it's a great way to organize photos and pages when heading to a crop!  By putting the items together in the page protectors it's easy to organize.  And it's easy to rearrange layouts before putting them in an album!  Love it!  Gotta have it!!!

Other fun album accessories are posts and screws... these come in half in and one inch sizes.  And the label holders are a great way to add a touch class to any scrapbook.  They can be labeled by the year or by the subject.  

CTMH is a great answer to all of your scrapbook needs!  Please contact me with any questions!  As always, comments are appreciated!

Happy Scrapping Season.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flip Flap Layouts...

As promised... here are the Flip Flap Layouts all on one page:)

The first layout is an older paper pack called Magnifique.  This layout features an 8x12 flip flap and a 4x12 flip flap on the left page and two 6x12 flap flaps on the right page. 

layout as it looks in the book
left page
left page open
Right page open
whole layout open
The next two layouts are using the dream pop paper pack. What a fun paper pack this was to play with.  Be sure to check my blog for this paper pack... as there is a 10 page spread using it!  Also, there are still two paper packs available through me only if interested.

Love this layout
left page
This layout features a 6x6 flip flap in the middle of the page.  Note that it's 2x2  photos can be added to the front and on the inside, it's easily adapted to a 4x6 photo:)  How fun is that!!

This layout uses a 4x12 flip flap only and it was a happy accident.  Love love love that CTMH paper is double sided!  Woot Woot... It was just intended to have the fun pattern on the flip flap.

right page
right page open
layout open
This layout features the dream pop paper pack again... and uses a 6x12 flip flap in the middle of the page. Adding the flap allows for hidden photos or journaling:)

dream pop two layout
Left page
left page open
The next layout features the Tommy papers.  It was fun to start looking at my layouts and discover other opportunities to add flip flaps.  
Tommy layout
This layout has a fun feature... a hidden flap
right page
6x12 lifts up
and here is the hidden flip flap, it's a 4x6 flip flap under the 6x12 flip flap
Love that Flip Flaps can be layered!!!  Love it!!!
and another 4x6 flip flap. 
The hostess club layouts are also adding an option to do add a flip flap.  Here's what we created in September. This layout uses a 6x6 flip flap featuring an Artbooking image.  What fun is this.  Check out the September Hostess Club to see lots of variations on this layout.

September layout
right page
Right page open

Laughing Lola Workshop on the go project also featured flip flaps... This layout featured an 8x12 flip flap. Love that the paper is just so pretty.  If you love this paper, check out the Laughing Lola WOTG.
right page
right page open
The more flips flaps I do the better and more creative I get... Here's the October Hostess Club Layout that features a 4x12 flip flap. Love this Clementime paper layout.  Notice the bling on the flip flap.  This is a great way to use up any extra embellishments in an inviting way. (note... please add photo before adding bling)

Note that by adding coordinating accents, it really makes the flip flap work with the layout.
right page
Love hidden journaling.
right page open
This last layout is totally AMAZING!!  Lisa Stenz is the creator of this layout, and it was just so amazing, that I HAD to create this gem! By using a 4x12, an 8x12 and two 6x12 flip flaps, and a few of the small assortment, this layout houses lots of photos.  And is in essence 3 layouts in one.

Huntington layout
This page was completed as a whole page and then cut at six inches to fit in the flip flaps.

left side with a small flip flap on the front.
 This is left page opened.  Note all of the little flip flaps.  This side of the flip flaps were decorated after the layout was cut in half.  So did you see the three pages?
Here's the right page of the original layout.  This layout was also completed on a 12x12 piece of cardstock and then cut at four inches. These flaps open up and down.  So be aware of the orientation of the 8x12 flip flap when decorating. 

right page closed
 and here it is open with a 4x3 flip flap at the top.  What fun!
right page opened.
Whew!  What fun!  I love love love flip flaps and it's a great way to have a lots of room for all of