Friday, November 8, 2013

albums and page protectors

As part of the class on flip flaps, we discuss CTMH's albums and page protectors.  I love CTMH's albums!  They are high quality, post bound albums.  They have a nice feel to them.   It's called Faux Leather and are available in the following colors, Outdoor Denim, Black, Holly Hock, Cranberry and Chocolate. They are expandable and affordable!

And of course the page protectors are wonderful too!  They are strong and durable!  One of the best parts things about CTMH page protectors is the extra 1/2 gutter.  What does that do?  It's wonderful addition that allows the book to open and lay flat  and keep the pages from puckering near the posts.

TIP... The prices are the page protectors are due to go up in the next idea book... so now is a great time to stock up.  Right now the price is $22.95 for 50 pages.   Right now that's about 55 cents a piece with shipping and handling. 

Flip Flaps are an fun and fabulous way to get more bang for your buck by getting more photos on your pages.  There's a variety of sizes available!  

Flip flaps come with a strong adhesive.  To attach the flip flaps, fold the adhesive strip to the back, (the side with the opening is the back) this will protect papers and photos from coming out.  One way to attach them is to put them where they will go leaving the adhesive protective covering on, then when it's in place, lift off the white strip and press into place. 

*The 12 inch assortment includes two 4x12's, four 6x12's, and two 8x12's.  They can be used in conjunction with each other or by themselves. 

* The 6x6 package contains 10 flip flaps and is a fun size to work with.  Maybe you are saying, hmmm... I don't print 6x6 photos... Here's some options.  Lots of folks are using instagram and can get photos in 2x2 size or 3x3 size.  Using a 6x6 flip flap, four 3x3 photos can be used and nine 2x2 photos can be used... or by adding a 2x6 strip of coordinating papers, a 4x6 photo fits quite nicely.  It's a fun way to add lots of pop to a layout.

*The 4x6 assortment has 15 flip flaps and is fun to layer two or three of these together on a page.  Here's a great tip for matting 4x6 photos.  Most photos  can have an edge cut off, a quarter inch on a bottom and side right???  So then taking a 12x12 sheet of paper six mats can be cut... cut at six  by 12 and then cut into four inch sections. These fit nicely into the 4x6 flip flaps and also mat the photos perfectly!!

*The small assortment is really just fun... it includes 16 flip flaps... four of each of the following: 4x4, 3x3, 4x3, and 2x2.  These work well in any album and also are perfect for the Crush books.  They make great memorabilia holders. 

Have you seen the true fit folios?  This is our biggest flip flap ever!  simply slide one end into a page protector and decorate three pages as well as another page to put in the next page protector and get two layouts on one page:)  Nice!

Other page protectors to consider are photo storage pages.  There are two versions, horizontal and vertical.  It's an easy way to store photos before they are scrapbooked and they even work in albums when there are just too many photos to scrap.  And there is a way to add more photos to these pages as well... ask me the next time you see me...

Other products to pay attention to are Spine Expanders... these are a great way to resolve alligator syndrome.  Sometimes our scrapbooks become wider at one end.  By using the spine expanders, it allows the spine some extra space to keep up with the thickness of the pages.

One of my favorite products is call the Work In Progress (WIP) album.  It's a great way to store pages when you are at a crop.  Many people like their albums to be scrapped in chronological order... sometimes we don't always scrap in chronological order... the WIP  album is a great way to store pages while waiting.  Also, it's a great way to organize photos and pages when heading to a crop!  By putting the items together in the page protectors it's easy to organize.  And it's easy to rearrange layouts before putting them in an album!  Love it!  Gotta have it!!!

Other fun album accessories are posts and screws... these come in half in and one inch sizes.  And the label holders are a great way to add a touch class to any scrapbook.  They can be labeled by the year or by the subject.  

CTMH is a great answer to all of your scrapbook needs!  Please contact me with any questions!  As always, comments are appreciated!

Happy Scrapping Season.



  1. Excellent tutorial! I have picked up some ideas! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Linda!! I appreciate your comment!!!