Monday, November 28, 2011

Sprucing up Cricut Art Philosophy Cuts

By Joy McHargue (my Texas friend:)  thanks for sharing Joy:)

Cricut shapes and cut-outs look flat and boring straight off the cutting mat. These are some simple steps to give your Cricut Art Philosophy cuts more pizzazz.
Note: for cutting examples, I use the keypad system 1-10 across and A-E down. So the Cupcake would be Shift E10, for example. Idea Book examples are from the Fall/Winter 2011 book.

• Sponge dauber the edge- same tone, darker, or even a lighter pigment (card p74)
• DTP or direct to paper: My favorite looks is running the cut at a 90 degree angle which gives just the edge depth-this works best with a strong dark color. (winter card p 74)
• You can also DTP edge distress with ink of any color for that shabby chic look. (p19 WOTG pages)
• Stamp on the cuts: flourishes and background images work very well, but random stamping a literal image like flowers look great also! (p 27 card)
• Texture tools and stippling: best to use a good contrast color to give texture.
• Stamp underneath a cricut shape (pocket p 108)

• Use the layer function on the cartridge to add a framed look: cut at same size for layer to go on top, cut ¼” larger for layer to go outside the first cut. (card p 64)
• Decorative layers make great frames for many cuts- refer to p 72 booklet.
• Add ¼” to original cut in a different color paper/CS to make a sort of mat. Note: not all images cut to make a precise ¼” border so do a test cut first-works well for squared and circular but not as well for ovals and rectangular shapes.
• Glue cut to CS and hand cut a mat.
• Layer with strips, squares, and/or circles under your Cricut shape to pop up your shape. (card p 30 , p51)
• Make several layers, graduating sizes like flowers ( card p87)
• Use foam tape to pop Circuit shape.
• Offset layers (p15 flourish on card)

• Tie it up: hemp, ribbon, floss, waxy flax (banner p106))
• Sparkles, glitter, brads, buttons, pearls
• Liquid appliqué- this looks really nice on card cutouts like snowflakes (Shift+card A10) with glitter added while wet.
• Sanding/edge distress your shapes. (card p57)
• Glitz is a super easy way to add depth!

Special note: Card cut outs- usually done with shift +card function really need attention- use two or more of these to ramp up this type of cut (I love you card p 88)
• Add a frame from a layer cut- look on page 71-72 to find a suitable shape.
Example: shift+card E10 cutout card would be framed nicely with squared frames like Layer E3, Layer B4, and several others. Decorative layer D3.
• Sponge dauber the edge of the cutout lightly
• Put patterned paper behind the cutout- finish inside with a frame around that piece for dauber.
• Glitz around edge or liquid appliqué

Monday, November 21, 2011

Believe WOTG

Finally posting these layouts!  I love the simplicity of these pages. Join us on December 1st as we work on the Winter Wonderland WOTG. 

This layout has been redesigned and uses the Cricut to cut out the letters... Holiday Hoopla.  I cut out the red bows and added them for a fun splash of color.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hostess Club

Hostess Club is a monthly event that we get together and create a two page layout, place an order, and take turns being the hostess (and getting the hostess rewards!!!)  This month we used the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge to create this darling reindeer to add fun to the layout!  (This was inspired by one of my CTMH Sisters... Tracey Sanders) 

We used the Sweet Symphony layout from the imagine book as inspiration.  It was great to see the different color schemes. (and somehow Roxxy left before a photo could be taken)

Come back soon for Snowman and Santa images also inspired by Tracy with instructions as well.  Love that AP Cricut Cartridge!!!

New clubs will be starting in January (January 17th)... are you interested?  We will meet the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at my house.  There will be a two page layout to inspire you.  Guests are always welcome.  Remember to bring a basic kit (adhesive, scissors, cutter and blocks).

These are the pieces parts of the Reindeer!
egg shape head (shape 9) 5 inches
oval ears (oval 3) 1.25 inches (cut 2)
Nose, eyes, lids (not shown) circle 1.25 cut 2 eyes, 1 lid (cut in half for lids)
eyeballs cut .75 in circle (cut 2)
page 32 accent shift 3.50 and cut apart
page 50 shift font layer 3.5 (cut 2)

This is the final project after everything is sponged. (added red sponging to his cheeks after the photo was taken)

Alicia's page

Dulce's page

Kelly's page

Tami's page

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Ornament

This is a glass Christmas Ornament I did a few years ago. 

I stamped an image using archival black ink (so it doesn't run) on white tissue paper and used colored pencils to color in the image.  Carefully remove the topper.  Next, add a couple drops of magic bubble on the inside of the ornament.  Roll the tissue paper to fit in the ornament and used a q tip to place the image.  (this may be a bit tedious as it is delicate). 

Once the image is placed, add more bubble magic and swirl about the ball until it's mostly covered with the substance.  Then add the glitter and swirl that to cover the ball.  you may add more bubble magic and glitter as needed.

Allow to dry before putting the top back in.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

French Fry Box

this darling french fry box was cut on the cricut using the art philosophy cartridge (and so were the stars)  I love that we have stamps that coordinate with the CTMH cartridge. By adding a small card that can be tucked inside, it makes an adorable gift tag.  Would you like to make one?  Let me know!

Coaster Note Pad

this is fun and simple project made out of coaster and coordinating paper.

this is a four inch coaster and it was covered with a four inch square of decorative paper of your choice and trimmed after adhering top and bottom. the binder clip was also decorated with the back paper. (.75x1in) and a strip of coordinating card stock was added to the front.  I also just used a portion of the post it note when adding it to the pad.

The back can be decorated with an initial or any other decoration.  the pages can also be stamped with small images to make it fun.

Suggestions from peeps at camp were to:
have them as place cards for Thanksgiving and encourage everyone to write a wish list.
use them for a bible study group or a book club.
any other thoughts?

Pop Top Gift

How cute is this!  This cheery gift will brighten anyone's day!  Here's the directions to make your own Pop Top Gift Can.

You can use any can that has a pop top and a bottom that is not rounded.  I found these fun cans at Sam's Club. 

Next peel off the label and use a can opener that leaves smooth edges and open the BOTTOM and clean out and let dry.
using decorative paper, cut a 2.25 in circle (I used the cricut Art Philosophy cartridge and a strip 8x1.7/8 inch.  And decorations... green strip is 8x.5 inch, circle is 1.75 in and flower is cut from the AP cartridge (1.5). 

add paper to decorate can and put the decoration over the spot where they overlap to give it a cohesive look. I used terrifically tacky tape to adhere the paper.

add surprise... candy or whatever....
run a bead of glue around the edge of the can and hold the metal together until it holds (maybe a minute or two) and wipe off excess glue.

cut a notch out of the circle.  This will allow the circle to slip under the pop tab.  Make sure it fits and then adhere it down.
add ribbon as desired.  I used seven pieces of ribbon (cut in four inch lengths)

Stinkin' Cute!

Paper Bag Purse

My upline Doris Evans shared this creation with us at a unit meeting.  It's been a fabulous project and I enjoyed teaching it at Village Creek.  

This year at Scrapbook Retreat at Village Creek Bible Camp... I had a theme.  Over the summer I read a book called "29 Gifts... How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life"by Cami Walker.

The story is about a young woman who is in the throes of MS, which can be a very debilitating disease.  She was in constant pain, totally dependent on others, tons of medications, and was unable to sleep and eat.  Searching for any help, she sought out a variety of alternatives.  One such Alternative was Mbali from South Africa.  

Her prescription was for Cami to give something* away for the next 29 days.  Of course Cami was outraged... how dare she tell me to give things away... can't she see what how sick I am?  Cami finally thought... what do I have to lose, so she tried it.  She started looking at others needs and tried to find something to help others.  

*A gift may be a plethora of things... such as time, a phone call, a service, something you already have, a hand made card... an act of kindness... etc... 

By the end of the story, as she continued giving, she found that she was focusing less on herself and more on others and that as she focused on others, she was being blessed.  My classes at VCBC were designed to for the purpose of giving.

Here is the website that Cami has set up   I encourage you, during this season of giving to be a giver... to look out for someone else and reach out.  I would love to hear how this has affected you.

Here are the directions for creating this delightful bag.

paper bag
card stock (two colors)
decorative paper (two kinds that coordinate)
paper trimmer

paper bag
   cut at 5 inches. fold bottom in half.
card stock
   cut a 12x12 sheet at 5.25x12
   cut that at 7 (you will need both pieces 7x5.25 and 5x5.25)
   score 7x5.5 at 2 (creates the flap... 2x5.25 and 5x5.25)
        cut slits in score for ribbon to go thru (but not big)
   3x3 for flap
   2.75x2.75 coordinating color for inside flap
decorative paper
   main pattern 4.75x5 or 5x4.75 depending on the direction you want the paper to go
   (you will need two per bag)
    flap  1.75x5
    about 12 inches of coordinating ribbon
velcro dots


cut your paper bag at 5 inches and fold the flap down.

cut your card stock and 7x5.25 and 5x5.25 (this is about 1/2 sheet of card stock)

score the 7x5.25 at 2 to make flap and add decorative papers (there will be a quarter inch border around each print.
cut slits in the 2 inch score line just big enough to slip ribbon thru and knot.

here it is knotted.

adhere decorated card to paper bag making sure that the opening is on the score line.
add front decorated card stock making sure that it's going the right way 5x5.25.

adhere the 2.75x2.75 on the 3x3. then adhere that piece to the flap taking care to only put adhesive on the top third.  You may also place velcro on at this time (couldn't find any at the time of the photo) match them up stick it to the flap and close the flap so that the velcro pieces match up and it sticks to the right place.
pre decor front
final project.  isn't it darling... It's really much easier than it looks.  Hope you try it.