Saturday, July 29, 2017

July Hostess Club "No Worries"

Hope you all are keeping cool... This has been a warm July!!

Here's the Amazing creations using "No worries"

This one is the layout for Hostess Club Layout and it was inspired by Laura Fairbrother.  I really enjoyed this striped paper.  I loved stamping on this layout as well!  It was a lot of fun to do!!  

This is another layout inspired by Laura Fairbrother.  Another great layout and I used the stripes but it looks great with the palm trees as well!!  So try both sides and see what you think!  Love the two sided paper.  The Get Away is a PML card that was cut out with the new circle thin cuts. 

This fun layout was inspired by Nellie Bligh.  It's been changed up a bit and it feels to beachy.  One of my favorite layouts.  Love the lagoon and sapphire color combination.  

Here's another great beachy layout inspired by Michelle Snyder.  Lagoon and craft paper really has a lovely beach feel.  The compliments really make this layout come to life.  

Saw this layout on Pinterest and had to make it.  This layout was inspired by Jean Johnson.  I had already used the B & T paper in the kit, so I used the star fish stamps from the cardmaking stamp set to stamp the background.  I just found this layout so fresh and intriguing that I had to make it!!  LOVE!!

And the last layout was another layout inspired by Michelle Snyder.  I loved the idea of using a row of palm trees as the border.  They are one inch in size. and the palm trees and the strips came out of only one sheet.  Love this one too!!  

As you can see, we have a lot of great layouts and a good time making them!  Join us for the next class which is Tuesday, August 15th and door open at 5:00 PM. Prickly Pear is the featured kit... and remember, you can work on whatever kit you choose to work on.  

Saturday, July 22, 2017

July Shoebox Cards

Hi Everyone!!  

It's Summer!!  And so our numbers are small this month!!  We missed our friends who weren't able to attend and hope to see them in August.

Here are the amazing July creations!!

This is my simple card... it uses the new flower market cricut cartridge.  there are several layers and by adding a second color, it was really fun to create these fun flowers.  

Julie Huebner created this fun card.  Great colors... and great fun fold!  This is the front view...

 And here is the open view... the greeting will stick through the opening.  Be sure to only put adhesive on the half of the greeting and wait to adhere until the rest of the card is complete.

Melani's creation is an explosion card... so here's the front!!
This is a great card!!

And here it is open!  Thanks a bunch!  It consists of three pieces, the card itself, the "mechanism" and the display.  It's amazing that it all folds back to a regular sized card.  What a fun card!!

Anita's card is a wonderful wedding card.  We had three pieces of "cake" that was embossed with a flower motif.  We added some pink sponging to enhance the card and then added flower or bling.  Lovely card!!

The next class will be Tuesday, August 1st at 7:00 PM.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

June Hostess Club, Little Dreamer

Here's the creations for June

Little Dreamer was actually quite a bit of fun to work with.  

Here is the hostess club layout and it was inspired by Sue Nielsen's Live Beautifully Layout.  I really wanted to do the dots on the back side of this, but really liked the blues.  I love this color combination!!  Make sure you order this kit soon!  It's a great kit, perfect for a new baby!!

This was a super fun layout and was inspired by Brenda Rose's layout!  I loved adding the star border on the bottom and it uses so many fun papers.  

This layout was also inspired by Sue Nielsen's Live beautifully collection.  It is one of my favorites from this kit... just a sweet and simple layout.

This layout is inspired by Michelle Snyder.  I love how the PML card fit's perfectly!!  This layout could also be done with the dots as well!  Always love it when the reverse sides works with a layout too!  

This layout is my favorite one.  It was inspired by Susan Williams live beautifully layout.  It was fun to embellish with stickers!!!  

This layout was inspired by Melissa Laverty.  I love that this is a more subtle look.

What do you think of these fabulous layouts?  Amazing right!!  The next kit will be No Worries and because the 4th of July falls on a Tuesday, Hostess Club will meet on July 18th this month!! Join us for this fun day of creativity.  Doors open at 5:00 PM.