Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pop Top Gift

How cute is this!  This cheery gift will brighten anyone's day!  Here's the directions to make your own Pop Top Gift Can.

You can use any can that has a pop top and a bottom that is not rounded.  I found these fun cans at Sam's Club. 

Next peel off the label and use a can opener that leaves smooth edges and open the BOTTOM and clean out and let dry.
using decorative paper, cut a 2.25 in circle (I used the cricut Art Philosophy cartridge and a strip 8x1.7/8 inch.  And decorations... green strip is 8x.5 inch, circle is 1.75 in and flower is cut from the AP cartridge (1.5). 

add paper to decorate can and put the decoration over the spot where they overlap to give it a cohesive look. I used terrifically tacky tape to adhere the paper.

add surprise... candy or whatever....
run a bead of glue around the edge of the can and hold the metal together until it holds (maybe a minute or two) and wipe off excess glue.

cut a notch out of the circle.  This will allow the circle to slip under the pop tab.  Make sure it fits and then adhere it down.
add ribbon as desired.  I used seven pieces of ribbon (cut in four inch lengths)

Stinkin' Cute!


  1. Too adorable!! Are the ribbon pieces attached to thte pull tab?

  2. yes, they are... I used about 4 inches of ribbon to tie on the tab and then used about seven ribbons to make it look full.