Thursday, October 11, 2012

Used "D" Stamp Sets

Used "D" stamps $7 plus shipping

D1206 Woodcut Alphabet
D1045 Giddy Up Alphabet
D1020 Pizzaz Caps SOLD
D1014 Sports Alphabet SOLD
D1220 Typewriter keys SOLD
D1134 Elegant Script
D1016 festive Alphabet

D1083 Believe Caps
D1102 Teacher's Praise
D1377 Around the Block
D1370 Welcome Home 
D1249 Baby Miracles
D1169 Birthday Surprise
D1140 Miracle

D1086 Birthday Bash
D1352 It's Your Day
D1010 Baby's First
D1175 Steep and Deep SOLD
D1177 No Peeking
D1226 Magical Season
D1376 Holiday Warmth
D1171 New Fallen Snow 
S1110 Holiday Magic 
D1244 Snow Friends pending
D1166 Vintage Christmas
D1317 Feathery Flakes

D1241 Winter Wonder
D1384 Snow Flurries SOLD
D1276 Vintage USA
D1297 Daydream
D1138 Paradise
D1148 Grill It Up
D1113 Scarecrow Party
D1298 Beautiful Things SOLD
D1011 In The Wild SOLD
D1372 Grown With Love 
D1285 Life's a Jungle SOLD
D1207 Vintage Post Card 
D1379 Flourished Blessings (SOLD)
D1181 Autumn Splendor SOLD
D1098 Get-A-Way
D1438 Circle of Love
D1022 Baby
D1431 Happy Holidays SOLD
D1510 4 My Friend
D1063 Sweet Talk
D1254 Soul Mates 
D1348 Priceless Love Word Puzzle
D1286 Today's Date 
D1257 Make It Count SOLD
D1299 Thoughtful Seasons
D1227 Legendary Moments

D1039 Sports
D1130 Random thoughts
D1024 Snapshot
D1453 Friendship
D1079 Cute Notes
D1307 Annotations
D1263 Blooming Flourishes SOLD
D1350 Tender Tags
S1111 Cherish the Day
D1331 Dream Wishes
D1465 Fill in the Blank
D1330 Connections
D1208 Ticket Tags

D1190 Weathered Backgrounds
D1154 Love in Bloom
D1223 Fair Blossoms
D1340 Easter Eggs
D1210 Moments
D1139 Small Pleasures
D1264 Angel Whispers
D1199 Come Unto Me 
D1085 Happy Easter
D1189 Floral Delights
D1245 In My Heart
D1160 Friendship Flowers
D1351 You've Got Flair
D1304 Life's Creations
D1261 Simple Beauty
D1119 Easter Garden
D1121 Beautiful Spring
D1087 Elegant Floral
D1115 Princess SOLD
D1090 Retro Flowers
D1354 Endless Friendship
D1260 Endless Love
D1275 Serendipity
D1410 One of a Kind
D1402 Togetherness
D1253 Friendship's Flight
D1191 Friendships Blessings SOLD
D1204 Delight in Everything
D1259 Eastertime
D1327 Card Kit/ Just Because
D1194 All My Love
D1004 Home Decor Garden

D1133 Seed Packets
D1124 To Love More
D1125 The Giving Hand

Woot Woot... bargains for you!  LMK if you have questions!


  1. I would be interested in some of your alphabets but I can't find pictures of MOST of them on the net. Would you consider emailing a photo of your alphas to me, please? mccuja1 at

  2. Certainly, I can email or text any photos to you... just let me know which ones you are interested in.

  3. I did send you an email... may end up in your spam

  4. I don't know what LMK means but I'd like to purchase six stamp sets. How do we do the transaction? How much is shipping?

    B1363 Harmony - $8
    C1291 Gift of Love - $10
    C1425 Month by Month - $10
    D1257 Make it Count - $7
    D1379 Flourished Blessings - $7
    D1380 Just for the Holidays - $12

    Christine Abele

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