Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Used "C" Stamps For Sale

Used "C" sized Stamps for sale $6 shipping extra

C1428 ice crystals
C1371 Holiday Jingle SOLD
C1124 Sweet Christmas
C1295 Winter Play
C1245 Oh Christmas Tree
C1420 Snow Days SOLD
C1327 Snowflake Kisses
C1328 Festive Frills SOLD

C1285 Victorian Snowflake
C1248 Winter Reflection SOLD
C1068 Morning Glory
C1288 Playful Petals (SOLD)
C1397 Smiles SOLD
C1310 Happiness SOLD
C1299 Butterfly kiss SOLD
C1308 Be True 
C1340 Aspiration
C1322 Gratitude 

C1232 Groovy Celebration
C1349 Ambiance 
C1261 Finding Beauty
C1025 Bliss
C1052 Love is a Gift
C1028 fluttering friends
C1230 Speckled Eggs
C1247 Simple Blossoms
C1243 A Friend Is...
C1226 Floral Charms
C1259 Because I Love You
C1264 Lovely Daisy
C1166 You and Me
C1296 Color My World

C1004 Dragonfly and Friends
C1239 Vintage Father's Day SOLD
C1277 Catch of the Day SOLD
C1225 Bow-Wow SOLD

C1204 Road Trip SOLD
C1106 Autumn Scarecrow
C1074 Tiny Feet
C1359 Sweet Baby 
C1203 Totally Chic
C1141 School Fun
C1470 Gnome Garden (SOLD)
C1475 Typeset WOTG 
C1208 Let's Shop SOLD
C1198 Let's Play Ball SOLD
C1233 Hang Ten SOLD
C1240 Splish Splash
C1201 Spirit of 76
C1300 Just Like You SOLD
C1474 10 Things SOLD
C1361 Buttoned Together SOLD

C1227 Our Wedding Day SOLD
C1163 From the Heart
C1194 Love Quotes SOLD
C1135 Christmas Wishes
C1405 In the month of April
C1318 Best Wishes

C1222 Seasonal Thoughts
C1286 Goodness of Life
C1422 Unity SOLD
C1229 Accents etc
C1309 Decorative Dainties
C1272 Walk With Nature Tags
C1224 Fluttering Frames 
C1140 Book Plates

C1127 Background Blocks
C1190 Believe Lower Case SOLD
C1189 Goal SOLD
C1350 Dainty thoughts SOLD

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