Thursday, October 18, 2012

New In Package Stamps "D" sized Stamp sets

Hi Everyone... Here's a listing of some New In Package stamps that need to find good homes... Please let me know if you are interested in any of these.

NIP "D" sized stamp sets $12 each
S1208 Baroque Borders
D1245 In my Heart
D1341 Butterfly Wings
D1091 Groovy
D1145 Fresh Picked SOLD
D1345 Ms. Sweetheart sold
D1448 Picture This
D1415 Springtime Sold
D1424 Something Splendid
D1115 Princess
D1304 Life's Creation
D1402 Togetherness
D1344 Ms. Gardener SOLD
D1511 Kick Back
D1147 Grapevine SOLD
D1148 Grill it Up
D1138 Paradise
D1427 Tasty Treats
D1128 Holiday Jubilee
D1386 Save the Date
D1029 Feliz Ocasion SOLD
D1382 Holiday Hoopla
D1457 Jubilation
D1387 Made with Love
D1506 Family Love
D1153 Because of you
D1130 Random Thoughts
D1227 Legendary Moments
D1299 Thoughtful Seasons
D1027 Joy
D1141 So Sweet Seasons
D1198 Gift of Love
D1111 Card Sentiment
D1002 The Simple Things
D1268 January Word Puzzle
D1408 A Little Everything
D1313 December Word Puzzle
D1100 Classic Caps
D1272 Slumber Party
D1233 Power Play (SOLD)
D14373 Childhood Portrait
D1279 Shooting Hoops
D1334 Reminisce SOLD
D1322 Adorning Corners
D1406 True Friends
D1380 Just for the Holidays
D1196 Floral Elements
D1084 Love Tags
D1120 Brilliant Bookplates
D1350 Tender Tags
D1114 Create-a-file
D1054 Speckled Background
D1331 Dream Wishes
D1493 Fill in the Blank- Holiday
D1140 Miracle
D1238 A Birthday Wish
D1266 Baby Steps (1 stamp used $10) SOLD
S1201 Little Reminder
D1441 Royal Birth
D1365 True Happiness SOLD
D1338 Bird Basics SOLD
D1234 Take Flight
D1211 First Class
D1494 Christmas Cheer
D1315 Evergreen
D1302 Winter Memories
D1366 Holiday Trinkets SOLD
D1449 Father Christmas SOLD
D1224 Holiday Joy
D1178 Christmas Greetings
D1095 Christmas Tag
D1305 Gloria
D1446 Adornables
CC1015 Holiday Wishes $8
D1318 Uniquely you
D1167 Halloween Parade
D1314 Friendship Patch ($10 1 stamp used)
D1113 Scarecrow Party ($10 1 stamp used)

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