Saturday, August 30, 2014

The New and Improved Hostess Club

Hi Everyone!

I am just so excited to share with you about the New and Improved Hostess Club!  

First off, let me share what Hostess Club is... It's a monthly gathering at my house, where all guests will have the opportunity to make a two page layout and place an order. There will be an inspiration layout and guests can create a layout using papers of their choice.  

This is a sample of what a hostess club layout looks like
Hostess Club Tuesday is currently the SECOND TUESDAY each month.  The doors open at 6:30 pm and you are welcome to come anytime after that ... up till about 8:15 or so.

Each guest is encouraged to bring their basic kit, which includes (suggested) ....  tools (scissors, ruler, cutter, piercing tool etc), adhesives (tombow, glue dots, dimensional tape, liquid glass) and blocks if you have them.  

I am so excited about this new forum!! 

Each month, one person will be the hostess and will receive the hostess benefits for that month... And the hostess benefits will reflect their past purchases (pre tax) for the last six months.  (I will keep track of purchases and will check in with each customer before their month.)

For example, Holly Hostess has purchased $50 for the last six months ($300) and so her hostess rewards would reflect order totals of $300 and she would receive $40 in hostess rewards and one half price item.

This is one of the exclusive Hostess sets ($10.00)
Hostess rewards include: Special stamps at special prices (pp 5-10 in the current Annual Inpsirations), Stamps, Inks, Reinkers, Blocks, Complements, My Creations Paper packs, Cardstock, WOTG, Studio J layouts, Pingment Pads and Markers.

Guests are always welcome to visit Hostess Club!!  And Hostesses will always receive additional credit for any guests that also purchase during a club order.

Also, I am introducing CTMH cash as a new incentive for hostess club member.  When a hostess club member's order reaches $35, they will also receive CTMH Cash in which they use it to buy a variety of items that are on hand.  CTMH Cash maybe used  that night or can be saved and use at a later date.  Please know that each person is responsible for their own CTMH Cash and it is non-transferable.  

$35 order  =$5 CTMH cash
$50 order = $10 CTMH cash
$75 order = $15 CTMH cash
$100 order = $20 CTMH cash

Orders can be placed in person or online.  If you would like to place the order online, please make sure that the order is placed by the second Tuesday each month... as the link is only there till that Tuesday.  Why would you want to do that?  Simple, the order will come directly to you... and you can also purchase Studio J and have it count towards your order and also, you can purchase items from "While Supplies Last". Be sure to join the HOSTESS Club party when placing an order online.

Other things to consider:  Each month on the 4th Tuesday is WOTG.  It's a free workshop with the purchase of supplies or kit and I design 3-4 layouts (sometimes even more) using the featured kit that month.  

So... think about this... If you come to hostess club once a month, you will create one layout. That's 12 per year if you come to all of the classes.  That's pretty good! And consider that if you purchase the WOTG supplies, that we will then make 3-4 more layouts each month... so that's 4-5 layouts a month and 48-60 layouts per year.  That's pretty amazing!

Here are the upcoming Hostess Club Dates and Hostesses are:

Tues Sept 9th Lisa Murphy
Tues Oct 14th Jessy Bowman
Tues Nov 11th Krista Nai ??
Tues Dec 9th Pat Burrington
Tues Jan 13th  Kathy Swinton
Tues Feb 10th LaTisha Clemen
Tues Mar 10th Dulce McFadden
Tues Apr 14th Tami Strathdee

So let me know if there are any questions!!  


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