Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Open House Information

Thanks to everyone who attended My Open House on Tuesday!  

Here's how things went... 

We had a lovely Make and Take... inspired by a card made at convention using Scaredy cat.

This lovely cards is sporting the Confetti wishes paper pack!  I really love this paper pack!  It's so fun and bright and just happy!  The greeting is from the stamp set Casual Expressions that has lots of fun messages and it's perfect a quick card.  The greetings shape was cut using the Artiste cricut cartridge (page 63 two inches).  Pacifica is the ink used to stamp the sentiment.

Be sure to only put adhesive on half of the greeting.  Also note the cute little white enamel star in the corner of the greeting!  What a fun little additional!  This card is a 4x4 and has been scored at two and four.  Have you tried the new score board? It certainly makes the life a card maker a lot easier!!

And of course, what's a party without chocolate??

So first, I want to give Kudos to Jennifer Sluder Rubio for the great idea that inspired my open house theme and Leanne Butler for amazing confetti wishes artwork!  

Let's talk about PML... Picture My Life!  For the past couple of days I have been checking out lots of great you tube videos and gathering lots of good information to share with you all ... about why PML is such a great program!!

What's in the kit?  It includes a title page as well as 44 (two sets of 22) 4x6 cards and 78 (three sets of 26) 3x4 cards.  There are also ten memory protectors... one 12x12 side load and three each of design 3, 4, and 5

Here's the Laughing Lola cover page and cards are in the magazine holder (cut using the Artiste Cricut cartridge). The cover page is double sided... it has a 12x12 design on the front and the back is designed to look like PML cards for easy transition into the pocket page section.  

Not sure PML is for you?  Maybe you would like to try the PML buffet! I sell the cards and memory protectors separately! It's a great way to try it without investing a lot of money into it. 

Storage is always a concern.. but we have several options that would work well... You have already seen the magazine holders that coordinate with the color of each kit.  Also, consider the My creations Journaling Box.  It's easy to decorate using coordinating colors and papers.  It holds the cards and it also fits right in side the medium organizer

And the Medium organizer holds both sets are cards for easy organization.  The dividers are removable.  My daughter loves her box!!

Jessy's box (thanks for sharing it)

One of the things that she loves most about PML and the medium organizer is that it's so portable... someone wants to get together for crafting... all she has to do is grab her box and go:)  All of her supplies are handy and contained:)

What other supplies might you need to go with PML? A couple of things come to mind... a corner rounder and a journaling pen.  And Washi tape.. Washi tape is a great addition to any project!  And of course I love CTMH Washi tape as it's designed to coordinate with our colors and projects!  

Did you know that we have flip flaps that work well with PML?  Yep, we sell 4x6 flip flaps and the small assortment has 3x4 flip flaps!  Oh oh oh!! I just discovered that we now have 3x4 flip flaps by themselves... Woot Woot!!!  These flip flaps are a great way to add an additional photo, have hidden journaling and be a memorabilia saver! They attach the directly to the memory protector!  Who would have thought... right??!?!?

So what can you do with PML cards besides sticking them in a pocket page protector?

Here they are used on a 12x12 layout!! Love this look!!

This is a VERY simple card... the ends were cut off so that it measured 4x5.25 and simply glued to a card base. 

Here PML cards have been added as a cute and quick display!  photos could also be added.  Love this Chicken wire frame and the cute little clothes pins!!

This is a mini book made of 4x6 pml cards and adding cardstock and a bit of stamping and some bling... so so cute!  (using the chalk it up pml cards). This one uses string to hold it together after holes are punched... Another option is to use Washi Tape to bind it together.

Tips and Tricks: Aaron Brown shared a great tip... use square photos so you don't have to worry about the orientation.  (Then we got to chatting and photos used to be printed in square... (both black and white and color... like back in the 60's and 70's) Funny how things come back a round right... 

Thought this was a good one too... don't let the size of the pocket limit you... for instance.. cut a 4x6 photo in half and slip it into two 3x4 pockets!!

Consider using only part of the cards... cut them up... pop a design element... be creative!  Add some bling... use left over stickers and gems to add a one of kind look to your PML cards!!

PML cards are so versatile!  and it's fun and easy to use!  Even kids could use them!  

And they are such a great value.  CTMH suggests to use an even ratio of card to photo... so with that being said... 5-6 pages and cards would be about $10-$12.  Certainly a reasonable cost and it's quick too!

Oh and did you notice, No adhesive necessary!  Love it!  (course that's until you decide to make your own PML cards!!!) 

I have heard several peeps say that they wished that they could buy the cards separately.  Well, let me just tell you this... you will run out of memory protectors well before you run out of cards... LOL!  but that being said, I would be happy to purchase the page protectors back from you!!  

One other wonderful thing!!  It's super easy to work with cardstock in creating your own PML cards.... you can get six 4x6 cards from one 12x12 sheet. And 3x4 is half of 4x6!  I love how that works!  

Speaking of making your PML cards, the lovely Leanne Butler shared her design for confetti wishes and also created a bunch of PML cards and it was so amazing that I stamplifted!  

This uses confetti wishes paper pack, stickease and assortment
 The layout below leaves room for seven horizontal photos:)
And here is the PML cards using leftovers bits and stickease.
Simply amazing!

And here's the Crazy Great Special that CTMH is running during August!  When you purchase any of the 13 (Yes we have 13 amazing PML kits) you can then purchase your choice of a set of ten additional memory protectors for just $3!  Wowsers!  that's like a $7 savings!  I told you.. it's crazy great!!!

And there's still plenty of time to take advantage of this special!  You can order online or contact me for my personal order specials for August!

Well, that's all for tonight... more Open House thoughts tomorrow!!  Thanks for checkin out this post!!



  1. Wow! just... wow. Great post and I'm sure the Open House was fabulous! :D

    1. Thanks Anna!! it was quite a success!! All of the right people came!!

  2. Hi there! New follower here and fairly new to CTMH as well. There was lots of good information and great tips here. Thank you! I need to learn all I can if this is going to be a success for me. I will be back!

    1. Thanks for you comment Marianne and I hope you will be back!!