Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Open House Info Part 2

Well I was just so excited about those PML kits that I just wanted to share as much information as I could!  Woot Woot!!

And while the PML kits were the big focus on the open, there are a few more details I would love to share with you all...  

My Open House also brought in a new incentive this year... CTMH Cash!!  

And my customers loved CTMH Cash!!  What's that you ask?  It's how my customers were rewarded for different things... 

Earn CTMH Cash:
**10% of your sales
**Bring a friend $5 CTMH cash
**Order online $5 CTMH cash
**Sign up for Hostess club $20 CTMH Cash
**Donate $5 to Operation Smile $5 CTMH cash
**Book a party $20 CTMH cash.

How can the cash be redeemed?  $10 could be redeemed as hostess rewards, and the rest of it could be used to purchase from my sales tables (both cash and CTMH cash is acceptable)

Here's some of the items that were available... 

These are all new items

These are used items and bargain box items

and these are older display items.
CTMH Cash is available for 
any orders in August!!!

Here's the display table with new products on it... so much to see!!

new kits, new washi tape, new glitter paper, new crush books, new markers,
new sotm, new stamps, new tools, new projects, and so much more!!

I love this new crush book and the new accessories!!
I also love that it fits so well in the small storage box!

These are the new Shinhan markers... they blend really
well and I love the ombre look!!

And of course there is a fabulous SOTM in August... it's called "What a Hoot!!" 

It includes 17 stamps and is an incredibly fun stamp to paper piece and embellish!!  This is one of the best stamps of the month in a long time!  And I love that he's so versatile!  Perfect for Halloween, but also great for lots of other occasions.  

Hootie can be yours for just $5 with a $50 purchase!!  Click here for more information and artwork.

**Here's the information on upcoming Classes:

10 Card Workshop:

This card workshop is Monday August 18th... at 7:00 pm.  Just $7 for 10 cards (2 sets of 5)

still time to sign up...
A) I want it ALL (stamps, bling and cards) $25
B) Bling and cards please $12
C) Just the Cards please $7

And bring a friend and she can make the cards for free!!

Jewelry Workshop:

Have you seen CTMH Base and Bling?  Here's your chance!  There will be a class Monday September 15th!  Come and check it out!  Also find the Base and Bling on pages 164-167 in the new Annual Inspirations.

This is an exciting class in September!  It's all about making these great Jewelry items. And they make great gifts too!!!  There will be a little class sharing ideas for the jewelry items that night and then guests are welcome to create their project.

First choose a color: faux antiqued silver or faux antiqued gold

Then choose a shape: Circle or Square ($12)/ Oval or Rectangle(13) This includes the necklace, the pendant, the glass cover, the style sheet, a charm and a rhinestone.

Additional pendants may be purchased for $4 and add a charm and a rhinestone for just $6.

Bracelets are $7.50 each.  

Please RSVP by September 1st with your choices to ensure your choice is available.  

Hostess Club:

We are starting a new round of Hostess Club in September with a new and exciting plan!  Hostess Club will still meet on The second Tuesday of each month and each month will have a hostess much like before.  But here's the deal... when it's your turn to be the hostess, you will receive hostess rewards according to your purchases as well as any guests orders that attend on your club night.  So let's say that your orders average $50 for the last six months, then when it's your time to be hostess, the rewards would be based on $300. I am very excited about this program and hope you are too!  please feel free to ask any questions!

The first Club meeting is September 9th and Lisa Murphy will be the hostess

WOTG Class:

And of course there will be WOTG classes again this year as well... All WOTG classes are FREE with the purchase of a kit.  (additional papers may be needed to complete all projects. There will be a blog post with a shopping list for each kit that is featured for that month. It's a great resource!

Here's the schedule of WOTG so far... 

Tuesday August 26th is Timberline
**Bonus Crop Saturday September 20th Seaside
Tuesday September 23rd is Chalk it up
Tuesday October 28th is Scaredy Cat (not a WOTG kit but will still do at least three layouts)
**Bonus Crop Saturday November 22nd Pathfinding
Tuesday November 25th is Yuletide Carol
**Tuesday December 30th is Confetti Wishes (alternate date)
Tuesday January 27th (something from Seasonal Expressions)

Here's some final thoughts... 

I am so excited to have the Annual Expressions (the new catalog) come out once a year!  Look for the next one in August 2015!  Also, in December and in April, there will be a new mini catalog called Seasonal Expressions!  So get excited for that!!  

There's a great Constant Campaign in September... When your purchase reaches $30, you qualify to receive the free "C sized stamp set" #30yearsof happy in honor of Jeanette's (CTMH Founder) 30 years of creativity!!  It has 30 images and more to follow on that!

And one last thing... do you have a QR reader on your smart phone?  CTMH has codes in the AI and it's fun to check those out!!

Have a great weekend!!


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