Monday, July 21, 2014

Washi Wonder

Have you joined the Washi tape craze?  It adds fun and easy elements to all of your projects and CTMH has really nice washi tape. 

A few of my favorites are on the retired list... so get them before July 31st as that's the last day they will be available.

Z1817 Slate Polka Dot washi tape $4.95
Z1850 Lagoon Houndstooth  washi tape $4.95
Z1930 Chocolate Woodgrain washi tape $4.95

Here's some samples using these fun products... 


How do you learn to use Washi tape?  My best advice is to just play with it... One night at shoebox cards, Dulce brought over her whole collection and 5x4 index cards and just let us play.  What a fun time with had... 

Here's a great tip... if you want a white or solid background, simply put the washi tape on a white strip of cardstock!  This is a great way to use up an scrap white strips left over from trimming edges.  

Here's some other ideas to use Washi tape!  I love love love washi tape.  I have experimented with lot's of different kinds of Washi tape and have to share that CTMH tape is a great value and coordinates well with other CTMH products.

New and exciting Washi tape coming up in the new idea book... 

**15 yards of 1/2 inch wide adhesive backed paper tape
Z2002 Topiary Striped Washi Tape $4.95
Z2003 Black Arrow Washi Tape $4.95

**15 yards of one inch wide adhesive backed paper tape
Z2004 Lagoon Heart Washi Tape $7.95
Z2005 Sunset Chevron Washi Tape $7.95

And something new and exciting... 
Z2052 Magnetic washi tape dispenser it holds one inch wide of washi tap or two 1/2 inches washi tape.  And when you buy more than one dispenser, they magnetically connect.  How cool is that!!  

So what new item are you most excited about!!!


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    1. Thanks Carol... they are lots of fun too.... I have to say that the slate polka-dot washi tape is my favorite!!!