Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fun Stuff!!!

One of the perks of being a CTMH consultant is being able to get new products at a great price... 

Here's some of the fun stuff that you will get to see at the open house!!  are you coming... I have a really great idea so you will want to come and check back for more information...

This bundle included 12 markers (there are 24 markers) and five fun stamp sets that are lined images... for coloring!  How fun is that!! (really liking the star burst one that says great job!!!
Marker bundle
 We have new markers!  it's so exciting!  what pretty colors... They are dual tipped.. a wide chiseled edge and a fine tip as well.  
Marker colors
right now, my fav is the peacock green...  The other colors will be:

warm gray
pastel peach
light orange 
pastel green
vivid green
sap green
cerulean blue
marine blue
peony purple
and tender pink

Here are three of the five new colors... Flaxen, Thistle and Glacier.  (The other two are canary and pixie, a yellow and a pink)

I just love the color thistle... think it's going to be my new favorite color!!

So much fun!  and so much more to come!!!

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