Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fabulous New Jewelry...

Last fall new designer necklaces were a huge hit in the new idea book... and they were in the shapes of circles and squares... faux gold or faux silver

And great style sheets... and delightful charms.

I love love LOVE them!! they are fun to make and even funner... yes I said FUNNER to wear!!!

With the new idea book, two new shapes were announced... ovals and rectangles!  This girl is so happy and excited because I am a type 2 (energy type) and the shape of the oval is a perfect shape for type twos!!

And also this year a bracelet has been introduced... can't wait to show you all of the totally cool stuff!!!

Are you interested in making your own necklace?  A Jewelry workshop is in the works!!!  Look for it in August during a Saturday crop!  it's quick, fun and easy!!!


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