Monday, October 28, 2013

Huntington... Three layouts in One

Oh My Goodness!  You have to see this!  Three layouts in the one... Special thanks to Lisa Stenz for her creative genious... I borrowed her idea! 

Anyway... this is great!  we start with this layout... 

It's the layout from Laughing Lola... looks amazing in Huntington too!!  The directions can be found in the Make it from your heart 2 pattern four.  (this layout has been slightly modified) Do you have this great instruction book?  It's just $7.95 and has 18 scrapbooking patterns and 12 card patterns!  It's a great deal!!

This is one page
So then I cut that layout vertically at six inches and decorated the back (using the back side of this layout to build on).  This layout uses two 6x12 flip flaps, plus some assorted small flip flaps here and there.  It's amazing who many photos can be used on this "ONE" layout!!

So this is pages 2&3
This is layout one open... 

page 4

This is the second half of the Laughing Lola layout.  This page was cut at 4 inches from the top and uses a 4x12 and an 8x12 flip flap.

page 5&6

And like before, the inside pages are built on the back of this layout.  Do be careful to make sure that the pages are being built in the correct direction as the bottom flip flap is attached at the bottom and will be technically built upside down.

Also, be aware when cutting the flowered paper so that they going the "right" direction. 

This layout also uses the Stickease and the Huntington Collection.  

So... what do you think?  It's amazing isn't it?  Flip Flaps are amazing!!  I would love to show you and your friends who to use flip flaps and am currently booking Flip Flap parties!  Contact me to day to set your date!!

How fun!!!


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