Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Shoebox Cards

Here are the wonderful cards we did in May!!

This is my card and features a two toned dragon fly on washi tape!  Cute and simple or quick and clean card!  

Here's Anita's lovely card... we trimmed the flowers and the semi circle paper, added some stamped leaves and cut one out.  The double layer really frames this card well.  
With Shannon's thoughtful idea, we added glitter to the word "Happy" and a few sequins with sparkle in the middle.  Gorgeous card!!

Julie's graduation card was a bit tricky, But super fun!  She had the tassels done for us!! so that was wonderful!  We did a lot of scoring and cutting.  Check back soon for more information on this crazy great card!  Here is the link to the directions.


Open... three folds.  This was a challenging and unique card and we were all successful!!

This is Kathy's darling card... She has found some adorable thin cuts while shopping and loves to share them with us!  This card features textured waterish paper, wave scissors, and washi tape!  And we stamped the envelope too!  What a fun and encouraging card!!

Here's Melani's card... it's an elegant card with a couple of layers... She cut half the card off and embossed it, added some fun flowers to swirly stamp, and some purple and yellow thread, then inside... 

a greeting with more flowers, careful to line up the front flap with the greeting... 

and finally one final greeting with another flower!  Lovely card!!

Roxxy's card uses a layered thin cut and it was a little tricky to line things up, but she told us to build up the pieces first, then do one little section at a time and then add our background so that when it was flipped over, it would look wonderful!!  What an uplifting card!!  LOL!!

Shannon's sweet card was fun and used little flower embellishments... some with bling and some without bling... the purple flowered paper was a perfect compliment to this sweet card. The bottom purple piece has a slight wave to it.  A very thoughtful card!! 

Join us for the next card class Tuesday June 6th at 7:00!!  We always have a lot of fun!!

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