Monday, April 13, 2015

Ribbons for sale

Ribbons for sale $5 each... Shipping is extra

Z1617 Dark chocolate striped (2) 5 yds 
Bulk 214 cotton candy puffs 10 yds
Z1102 3/8 grosgrain colonial white 20 yds
Z1732 Color ready seam binding ribbon 10 yds
3/4 grosgrain ribbon white
bulk 116 sorbet ribbon with white dashes
bulk 125 chocolate organdy with white spots
Z209 White daisy organdy (narrow) (PENDING SALE)
Z103 bubble organdy
Z245 vinyard berry grosgrain
Z1867 Jute ribbon (2) 5yds
Z1133 3/8 ricrac ribbon white 12 yds (PENDING SALE)
Z100 white organdy ribbon (wide) 25 yds 

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