Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Shoebox Cards

Hi All!  Thanks for stopping by to check out our fun and fabulous cards!  What a fun and busy night we had!  Thanks Dulce for the awesome Corn dip!  

Tonight we laughed, we stamped, we scored, we sprayed glue, we colored, we embossed and we smooched... it was a night to remember with great cards too!

So Here they are!!

This is my bold card!!  It uses the Black from the Paper Fundementals (Basic Color group), Black Shimmer trim and fun buttons and it's a great way to use of strips of scraps!!  This card was inspired by Connie McFarlane!!  

Anita Showed us a new technique that she called watercolor with out the water... We swiped the pink, then stamped off, then smooshed it into green ink and stamped (repeat 3 times) then add stems and leaves as desired and then pressure emboss!  Clever clever... The greeting is also bumped under the TE in Celebrate with a dimensional.  Lovely!!

Dulce's card converted into a post-it-note holder!  and it was amazingly simple too!  4x12 strip of cardstock folded in half and then fold one of those in half.  Add the B&T paper to the bottom 1/4  strip and there it is!  Neat as can be!!  The post it notes hold the greeting up!  She also shared that a photo could be used as well as the B&T paper.  Super cute and fun!!

Julie always has an amazing project for us to do!  these darling cards are quick and fun to make.  

Tall card... We used 8.5 X 11 white cardstock and scored... one at 4.25 the long way, then turned and scored at 2.75 and 8.25. Cut off two of the corners (making sure to cut the flap a little bit smaller to ensure that the outer flaps will close.  Then we had one patterned and one cardstock pieces 4x12 and cut one of each at 5.25x4 and patterned paper in the inside and cardstock on the outside.  Then we cut the flaps... 5.25 and then cut them at 2 inches, this time the cardstock was in the inside and the B&T was on the outside.  We did make a belly band as well

Short card. Score 8.5x11 at 5.5 the short way.  Then turn and score at 2 1/8 and flip it around and score at 2 1/8 again. Follow same procedure as above.
5.25x4 patterned and solid, and 5x4 cut at 2.5 and decorate the flaps. You Rock Jules!!

Kathy loves collages... so tonight she shared with us a fun and fabulous card!  First we smooched gold spray on the dark cardstock and the brown glitter spray on the envelope (let it dry before continuing).  Then we spray glued the skeleton leaf to adhere it to the cardstock... added feathers, ribbon, velum flower and a jewel. Also, we stamped the flower on the envelope and added some glitter glue and stamped it in the center of the flower.  It really is a very cool card... lots of steps, but so very cool!!

Lori was finally able to join us tonight!!  Yeah We missed you!!  She had these pieces ready to go and it was a quick and lovely card!  She borrowed Maria's cricut cartridge to cut out the skates and the snowflake.  The boots were embossed as was the card!  We did have to tie our own bow though!  What a darling Winter card!  Good thing Winter is over for most of us now!  And it will be fun to send it to someone next year!! Sweet Card Miss Lori!!

Melani gave us another great idea for using scraps!  These fun and fabulous cards are 3x3 in size but and just adorable!  A simple stamp in the center and 1/2 inch strips around the edge. a quick color job and some simple embellishments.  So Elegant!! and quick!!  Love them!!

We welcomed Dulce's friend Tory from Dunkerton for her first time and I think she really enjoyed it!  Thanks gals for coming and sharing your toys and ideas with us!  And thanks Julie for saying that you look forward to this night all month!  It so much fun being crafty together!!

See ya next month (Tuesday May 5th) Hey... that's Cinco De Mayo!!  what fun!!

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