Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November Hostess Club layout

Woot Woot!  This layout is so exciting!  Can't wait to share it with you tonight!

It uses lots of flip flaps and is just so much fun!!

This layout was inspired by Tabitha Dueso... and thanks for the measurements Tabby!!

It uses five 4x6 flip flaps for the cake.

Also,  a 4x4 out of the small assortment and an 8x12 and a 6x12 from the 12 inch assortment.

Use the Artiste Cartridge to cut the frosting and the plate.

Cake layers are (4) 1.5x4.5
Frosting is 1.5 inch -accent 4 -shift u -page 47 (corner round top layer)
      cut 3 at 1 repeat last (and stagger on cake)
Plate is 2 inch -accent 2 -shift 3#  -page 33 -cut in half length ways.

Magic showtime layout page 106.

12x8 flip flap is on the very left side and mimic the layout below it on both sides.  The 4x4 photo on the right side of the left layout is also a flip flap designed to keep the layout closed and the 6x12 flip flap opens after the 8x12 is opened and is adhered at the 2.5 inch mark from the right side.

Here it is open!  Can't wait to see what everyone creates tonight!!


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