Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Exciting news!!!

You've been asking for D ring binders!!  It's exciting to announce that they are now available!!

We now have two albums that are available for purchase.. 
Lagoon Chevron pattern and a Black D Ring Album both of these are just $34.95.  I love these D ring albums!  Its' so much easier to rearrange the pages and they are perfect for the pocket pages!

And speaking of pocket pages... 
Now the PML (Picture My Life) cards are available with or with out the page protectors... 

The regular kits include 44(2 set of 22) 4x6 cards, 78 (3 sets of 26) 4x3 cards, a 12x12 page that is 12x12 on oneside and looks like pocket pages on the other side.  This kit also includes 10 page protectors. (One 12x12, three of design 3, three of design 4 and three of design 5)

And now... customers can buy just the cards... Ala Carte!  Woot woot... so the Ala carte kits include just the 44(2 set of 22) 4x6 cards and 78 (3 sets of 26) 4x3 cards.  And they are just $14.95!  How exciting is that!!

Here are kits that are available:
Z3053 PML Avonlea  A la Carte
Z3058 PML Skylark A la Carte
Z3065 PML For Always A la Carte
Z3054 PML Babycakes A la Carte
Z3064 PML Pear and Partridge A la Carte

Z3061 PML Chalk it up A la Carte
Z3062 PML Wanderful  A la Carte
Z3063 PML Seaside  A la Carte
Z3055 PML Laughing Lola A la Carte
Z3056 PML Later Sk8r A la Carte
Z3057 PML Surf's Up  A la Carte

Z3059 PML Balloon Ride A la Carte
Z3060 PML Chantilly A la Carte

How exciting!  Pocket scrapbooking makes scrapbooking so fast and easy!  Give it a try... 

And remember, you can buy individual cards and page protectors from me... $.50 for 4x6 card and $.35 for 3x4 card and $1 for page protectors!!

LMK if you have any questions!!


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