Monday, June 9, 2014

Older kits for sale

Hi Ladies, it's time to reduce inventory... 

So... here are some great specials on older paper packs...

Older paper packs for sale shipping is extra

X7144B Mischief $8
X7159B Scholastic (2) $8 each
X7141B Elemental (2) $8 each
X7142B Dreamin $8 

Felicity paper pack $8 (SOLD)
Dream Pop $10
Sweet Heart $8
X7094B Paper Garden $8
X7095B Boom Di Ada $8
(2) X7085B Everlasting $8 each
Key to my heart $8 each
X7063B Groovy Blossoms $8
X7100B Perfect Day $8
X7121B Caboodle $8
X7129B Hooligans $8 (SOLD)
X7106B Unforgettable $8

Pics available on request.

LMK if you are interested in any of these.  


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