Monday, July 16, 2012

Sticky Boy

Sticky Boy is favorite part of convention for many of us... David (CTMH Founder Jeanette Lynton's husband) came up the idea to hide sticky boy in various places around convention and allow us to find them.  I have yet to find a sticky boy though... This year, since we were in Dallas, Sticky Boy sported a Cowboy Hat.  What a riot!  and you knew when someone found him... Hootin and a Hollerin commenced!  

Convention is almost like Christmas to me... You meet up with your fellow CTMHers that you only see once a year... so it's family... CTMH spoils us rotten with all kinds of gifts and exciting news... and then we get to learn (Biz classes) and play (Create and Takes)  and dance till our feet fall off.  Very little sleep as we are all so excited to see each other and get biz tips and chat about the new products and do a bit of traveling as well. (Utah, Oregon, Texas, Las Vegas, California, Florida, Washington DC, Arizona and many other destinations.)

I will be sharing fun photos and important things about convention each day... so be sure to stop back often.

Oh and here's a save the date reminder... 

CTMH New Autumn Winter idea book open house will be Tuesday August 21st... with a CUPCAKE Theme... so be sure put that date on your calendar!  

so excited!!! and I just can't hide it:)
Patricia, Celina and I (The Three Amigos)
Doris's Downline at convention (minus 1)
 Our entertainment this year was the TEXAS TENORS
and they were fabulous

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