Thursday, April 26, 2012

Virtual Garage Sale

E1017 Old World Alpha $19 used

E1006 Baroque Alpha $15 used

E1001 Essential Alpha $18 used

E1008 Stitch Alpha $15 used

E1003 Boutique Alpha $18 used

E1001 Essential Alpha New $23

E1004 Cobblestone Alpha New $23

E1016 Friendship Alpha New $23

E1010 Chocolate Large Alpha New $23
Hi Ladies... Here's a short list of  "E" sized stamp sets... some new and some used... let me know if you are interested! They have a retail value of 34.50.  New ones will be just $23 and used ones will be individually priced.


  1. I may be interested--what are you charging for shipping?

  2. Baroque and Boutique alphas have been sold.