Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August Shoebox Cards

Hi Everyone,

Hope this summer has been as enjoyable as it can be for you!!  Can't believe that it's August though!!  

Well, here are some of the amazing creations from Shoebox Card Night!!  We had a small group again... and hopefully this fall we will have more people joining us!  We missed those of you who were not able to come last night. 

I love the "No Worries" Scrapbooking stamp set and saw a lovely card by Jennifer Smith on pinterest and had to recreate it!!  Love this card... it uses a reverse circle stencil and sponge daubers to create the background (hint... do the yellow first).  The thank you if from a different stamp set.

Julie's super sweet card is "Beary" nice.  The heart was stamped for us... in a very light tan color allowing us to add color to the image.  She also had stamped the bears and cut them out for us.  I neglected to cut a slit around the flower that should have been in front of the card (Oops).  It looks much cuter when it's done like that.  Sweet Card Julie!!

Bears my be in the air tonight... here's a second card featuring a bear.  Melani's darlin card makes a for using two  sided paper.  And the trick is to cut the paper up 1.5-2 inches in the middle.. then simply fold the paper up... revealing the other side of the paper.  We also used watercolor pencils to color the bear and she had pre wetted cotton swabs for us to quickly outline the bear and quickly color him in.  Love this cute little card!!

Roxxy is the queen of thin cuts!!  This is a beautiful card... copper and seaglass.  It was a labor of love to find the pieces and put them where they belong.  The black paper is sparkly and the top layer is white glitter.  Such a pretty card!!

We love our crafting and card nights... Join us Tuesday September 5th for the next Shoebox card event!!  


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