Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Convention Memories

Alas... It's the first time in 14 years that I am not going to convention.

And this is a big year for me... I celebrate 15 years with this amazing company.

I remember when I started... I loved stamping and I just wanted the discount for my habit.

Then I discovered that doing parties was so much fun!  And so a did quite a few of them.

And then I attended my first convention in Salt Lake City Utah!  (this was my first official convention... as a consultant anyway).  It was overwhelming and amazing and meeting so many new friends and learning new things!  It was fabulous.

Going to convention was something I looked forward to every year.  Because it was "FUN".  Then one convention, I met and hung out with Janet Swann and she changed the way I looked at convention.  I was kind of complaining about having to go to a session on "recruiting" because it wasn't "FUN".  And she looked at me and said very matter of fact... I paid a lot of money to come here and I am going learn as much as I can to improve my business.

Wow... was that a wake up call or what!  Loved the photo ops we had together... and the trip to the Grand Canyon.

One year, I met Dana Swadling at the airport and she and her troop let me tag along with them to get to the hotel.  Little did I know that meeting her would help me earn the Mediterranean Cruise in 2008.

I have made lots of friends over the years... too many to mention.

And remember our swap meets... that's how I met Joey and her sweet Mama... and we have always managed to get together during convention!

We have had some great speakers over the years... one of my favorites is Stacy Julian... Even had a picture with her.

There's been lot's a great entertainment over the years too... Anita Renfroe, the tenors and one of my very favorite's Jon Schmidt (piano guy).

Convention has been in many places over the years... although lately it's been Disney .. both Florida and California.  It's been in Portland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Florida, Washington DC,.. and leadership has been in California and Arizona (always nice to be in warm climates during cold months.)

It's always been fun to have Teresa Scrivens join us for our impromptu unit meetings during convention and sharing our business tips and highlights about convention.

And love getting to spend time with my unit!  Doris aka Betty White... and Celina, Tabby, Lori, Patricia and more.  By the way... you are all my favorites!!

We always manage to have a fun time ... One of the things that I will miss this year is finding a way to get Doris's camera and take funny pics that she discovers later.  Priceless.

Remember our trip to the stockyards in Texas?  And what about the trip to watch the Talk!!!

Can't wait to see all of the new and exciting items and will be giving out little hints... so check back to find out all of the details!

How fun to walk down memory lane...

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