Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Shoebox Card Night

Greetings everyone!  

Wow!!  What an Amazing Night!  Great projects!  Thanks everyone for coming and sharing! And Thanks Julie for bringing our Sugar Buzz (Peanut M&Ms)!!

So here are the creations from tonight!!

Anita Taught us how to do flower layers!!  Two large flowers and two spiky flowers for the middle.  Curl two large flowers up and two large flowers down, create a well, push and shove, curl the spiky flower two up and two down, create a well and glue together!  Turned out so lovely!!

The Flower makes the card Amazing!!

And this box is her own pattern made from a 6x12 sheet of thicker B&T paper.

This is my creation using the Brushed stamp set and A Thing Well Done.  Someone posted a card similar to this in one of the public forums and then it disappeared .. but I loved it so much that I tried my best to copy it.  Unfortunately not able to give credit where credit is due... but I love love love this amazing card!!  Butterflies cut with Art Philosphy Cricut cartridge!!

Here's second version

Dulce taught us to make a room card out of 4 circles. (that's my thumb holding it together before it unfolds.  Who knew!!  Loved making this clever card!!

Here it is open... and what fun to decorate.  Each room can have a different color and theme!

And here's a view from the top!  Love that when it's open, it's like a full circle!  What a great craft and it was relatively easy... fold in quarters, cut on one crease and then bend one quarter (not close to the slit in half again.  Make all four pieces look alike and glue three sides.  Pretty impressive!

Julie wowed us with her waterfall baby cards.  She gave us enough stuff for a girl card and a boy card!  I love the brads that pink and blue in the centers.  And she had off the pieces cut for us!  Crazy great!!  And lots of great tips... starting with gluing the "Y" on first and then gluing the "Y" to the strip for easy pulling... 

 Close up of the baby boy card

 Close up of the baby girl card

Kathy dazzled us with a quick lesson in colored pencils.  What a bright and fun card for Easter.  Love the sweet Spring brads too!!  Hoping that Spring will arrive soon!!

Melani taught us how to turn water color splashes into Easter chicks!  We first splashed some water color spots on the paper and when they dried, we free handed the circle around them, then drew two eyes, wherever we wanted then added a triangle near the eyes for a beak and added a splash of orange color to the beak. next we drew the legs and feet. Then we added tail feathers and wing (oops for my wings) and then a little swoosh of a line and some green paint for grass... quick and fun and unique!!

I learned tonight that Shannon is Irish!  So we made Saint Pat's cards!  Fun B&T paper and a great stamp with the blessing on the inside.  Love stamping the shamrocks and the embellishment of the clover.  Darling Fun Card!!

 Inside ... had to post this as it was just such a nice saying!!

It was a late night but so totally fun!! Our next Shoebox night will be Tuesday April 7th!!  We missed our Friend Lori who is recovering from knee surgery... (She'll probably be running circles around us next month!!)  And maybe even Roxxy will join us next time!!

Again, thanks everyone for coming and sharing your talents and supplies and I hope you all had a great night!!  See ya next month!!

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