Thursday, February 19, 2015

Craft Night with the Girls

In December, one of my dear friends invited us over for a night of Crafting... She saw something on Pinterest... Glitter wine glasses... (and although I don't drink, I thought it would be fun).  

It was so much fun that we decided to have a get together each month with different hostesses and different projects...

In January, Sophie hosted and Julie taught us the craft!! We did ARM knitting and it was WAY fun!!

So in February... I offered to host and choose the craft.... That was harder than I thought... but then I noticed a eight photo frame I had purchased or had been given quite some time ago and thought... AHA!!  Let me use that!!

So the craft was to make a wipe and write board with the days of the week... It could be a chore list, a menu planner, a weekly family calendar... ETC... Easy to decorate for any occasion etc.. Easily interchangable for holidays and such.  

Special thanks to Julie for cutting out the days of the week using her cricut cartridge (not CTMH) and for Shannon who brought dry erase markers for each of us!!

I used mostly scraps to create this frame and loved the color scheme!  It's easy to mix and match colors and prints!  

Couple of tips... if you plan to try this..

**Orient the frame the way you want it to hang on your wall.

** layout your papers on top of the frames to see if you like it ... It's much easier to rearrange before and check to see if you like your color scheme.  (ps, I picked out lots papers that I thought would look good together, so had lots to choose from) Also, I used mostly scraps!

**if you plan to add "days" to the papers, keep your 4x6 paper on the correct frame and that ensure the correct orientation.  (I used my sticker maker for easy adhering)

**when ready to put each paper into it's correct spot, remove them in an appropriate order... I started at the lower right hand corner with Saturday and laid each day on top of the other. Next do just one frame at a time.  (also it's a good time to clean each frame if it's a bit dusty). That ensures that the backs are put in the correct place ie the hangers need to be in a certain spot in a certain direction!

**Shannon shared the idea to use ribbon to tie a ribbon to the marker on one end attach it to one of the hangers in the back. (note our markers had a pocket clip, but not markers do.)

Also, it would be easy to decorate with stamps and cricut pieces!  Have fun and try it!  

I got the frame at Walmart!  And some of the girls brought different frames... so it's a very versatile project!!  And it would make a great gift!!

Hope you try it!!


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