Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Shoebox Cards

Greetings all!

What a fabulous night we had... Lots of desserts... lots of good music and lots of laughs... oh and some cardmaking and papercrafting too!!

Here's My "Twisted" card!!

This is such a fun card!  It's made out of a 4.25x11 cardstock... scored diagonally and scored in the middle.  Also uses the Make it Merry stamp set, This makes a great card or money holder. It also shows off CTMH's great two sided papers!

And here are the other creations... 

Anita did Happy Elf Feet!  There was a lot of giggling during the creation of this delightful card!! And Thanks Anita for the amazing white chocolate and craisin cookies... (and the chocolate covered cherries)

Anita started the night with a two-fer ... here's the cute little tag with a touch of glitter... Gorgeous!!

Next is Julie's creative card with Intricate trees!  Such a lovely card!! Love the Jewels on the trees!! Oh and she brought an amazing Buttermilk pie!  Yum!!

Kathy brought half her stash of stuff and let us dig in and make collage cards.  All of our creations were different... and here's my version of a collage card... (Congrats on being a home owner!!)

Melani had a two-fer today... we did this lovely ornament out of typing paper... most people had six petals... since snowflakes are six sided... but Shannon did five and I liked it, so I did five!  What fun!!

 So here's the fun and quick card Melani taught us as well... and we each had a different color inside.  The trick is to punch the holes in the white and adhere the colored on the inside.  (Mel's tip, put the glue on the white inside!)

Shannon also did a two-fer... we made these adorable Reindeer candy canes with googly eyes!

Here's her other idea... and what fun is this card... It's titled "Reindeer in the dark"  it was so much fun!!

And the caption was super cute too! this is on the inside of the card...

I shared some fudge and pumpkin bars for an additional treat!

Thanks Ladies for coming and sharing your talents!  It was a delightful night!!


  1. What a great night, Merry Christmas everyone

    1. It was a great night... so glad you could come!