Sunday, March 23, 2014

Picture My Life with CTMH

Have you heard about the product line called Picture My Life?  

It's a fun new way to scrapbook that is perfect for:
New Scrappers,
Young Scrappers,
Scrappers with very little time,
Scrappers with lots of photos,
Scrappers on the go

Okay it's great for most any scrapper:)

CTMH has introduced 8 versatile patterns and scrapbook pages that are ready to go... just add photos.

Z1942 Avonlea
Z1943 Baby Cakes ** Matching My Reflections Kit X7173B
Z1944 Laughing Lola ** Matching My Reflections Kit X7170B
Z1945 Later Sk8tr
Z1946 Surf's Up
Z1947 Skylark  ** Matching My Reflections Kit X7177B
Z1948 Balloon Ride  ** Matching My Reflections Kit X7180B
Z1949 Chantilly

So what is all included in the kits?

10 scrapbook page protectors: (can be found on page 135 in the spring/summer idea book and will be shown below)
1 12x12 page
3 Design 3 page protectors (4 vertical 6x4s, and 4 horizontal 3x4s)
3 Design 4 page protectors (4 horizontal 4x6s, and 4 vertical 4x3s)
3 Design 5 page protectors (3 vertical 4x6s and 6 horizontal 3x4s)

44 4x6 cards (2 each of 22 designs)
78 3x4 cards (3 each of 26 designs)

All this for just $24.95!  What a great bargain!!! 

What makes this program so easy and quick?  The page protectors are divided into 6x4 and 4x3 pockets so it's easy put a photo or a card in each of the pockets and then .. TA DA!!  it's done!

It's also easy to create your own cards with leftover bits and stickers.  Jessy is working on her new kit today (baby cakes) and shared some tips.

The pocket sizes are great... you can get six 4x6's or twelve 3x4's out of a 12x12 piece of cardstock (and it's easy to make many combinations) and scraps go a long way with Picture My Life kit.  (thanks to Dulce and Mom)!!  Another tip is to sort the cards by vertical and horizontal orientation.  Also, the corner rounder (Z1912)  was her favorite tool. 

Here's what Jessy did...  

 One 12x12 page protector the back of the 12x12 has the look of pockets... 

 This page protector is design 4 (4 horizontal 4x6s and 4 vertical 4x3s)

 This Page Protector is design 5 (3 vertical 6x4s and 6 horizontal 3x4s)

 Look this is design 5 but turned upside down... cool huh... 

 This page protector is design 3 (4 vertical 6x4s and 4 horizontal 3x4s)

 Jessy designed a 3x4 card on this page using scraps. (see below for a bigger photo of it)

 And she created an 6x4 card on this page. Check below for a bigger photo.

She did this whole thing in about an hour or so... still needs photos but it's ready to go after the little one is born. 

Here's the closeups... 

3x4 card (also includes washi tape and canvas sticker)

6x4 card using scraps!!
Page protectors can be purchased separately too... She still has lots of left over cards

Also, consider using the regular page protectors that hold six 4x6 photos/ cards one is vertical (Design 1) and one is horizontal (design 2) 

Z1324 Design 1 (six vertical 6x4) set of 10 $9.95
4113 Design 2 (six horizontal 4x6) set of 10 $9.95
Z1950 Design 3 (four vertical 6x4 and four horizontal 3x4) set of 10 $9.95
Z1951 Design 4 (four horizontal 4x6 and 4 vertical 4x3) set of 10 $9.95
Z1952 Design 5 (three vertical 6x4 and 6 horizontal 3x4) set of 10 $9.95

Which Picture My Life is your favorite or first on your list???

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