Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Shoebox cards

Brr... it was sure a cold one tonight!  Luckily we had some lovely hot chocolate to warm us!  It was a small crowd tonight!  Thanks Lori for bringing by fun stuff for others to love!!

Here's our creations from tonight!!

Anita's lovely cupcake birthday card.  

Bonus!  Anita had two cards for us tonight... 

Diane's starburst card... 

Julie's Happy New year card

Lori's Sweet valentine
A good time was had by all who ventured out!  Thanks Ladies for being good sports!  


  1. Love it Diane! Cards are pretty, I really like that silver and black stripe that Lori had My ribbon and silver strip fell off and it is cool with the little heart also! I love the cupcake card and went out and bought browns for a chocolate cupcake tonight at Hobby Lobby.

    1. You crack me up Julie! So glad you have joined us! I love Shoebox cards!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Shelly, Shoebox cards is a catchy name for our card group, we each design a card, then bring enough for up to 10 people to create that design... So each person designs a card and then we get to make each others cards.... does that make sense?