Saturday, June 30, 2012

Virtual Garage Sale...

it's baby and childhood week... Here are some stamps that are for sale... LMK if you are interested... also, stamps can be mailed...

new a1037 baby impressions $6

new b1220 too cute $13

new c1221 choo choo train $13

new d1236 nursery bash $17 
new d1238 a birthday wish $17 
used B1025 play it safe $6 
used B1047 baby blocks $6

used C1256 little boys $10

used b1213 little angel $6

used c1074 tiny feet $10

used d1010 baby's first $11

used d1038 childhood boy $11.... SOLD!!!

used d1022 baby $10

used d1184 flyin' high $11
Adding some sports stamp sets...

used b1219 baseball $6

used b1263 nothing but net $6

New b1278 just for kicks $10

used C1198 lets play ball $11

new D1279 shooting hoops $15

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