Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinwheel Tutorial

These are the basic pieces needed to create the pinwheel. 2 c/s
squares 2 5/8 and  b&t  (or c/s) 2.5x2.5 and four coordinating
 b&t squares 1.25x1.25

cut the 1.25x1.25 squares diagonally more than 3/4 of the way

write a g on the side that you want to glue
(glue the same side on each square)

Do a "Dry fit" to make sure the diagonals are long enough

Adhere the first piece leaving a small border on the outside

line up second piece like the first piece 

then turn the square to have the right angle.
Also the inside pieces should be right next to each other

all four pieces glued and the large square glued as well.

Carefully lift pieces and slip other square inside
(no glue needed)  Also be aware of  the angle of the
squares before adhering the top layer

Triangles can be folded back to put glue on

add a bigger brad to cover points and use to
decorate a card... I think this would make a
terrific  father's day card.


  1. AWESOME idea.....looks so professional!

  2. thanks Coelle! I appreciate the compliment!!!